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beauty + waxing tips

We're getting really intimate today, y'all. 

As the temperature goes up, clothes come off, and you don't want to be stuck in a "hairy" (pun intended) situation when you're flaunting your smallest bikini bottoms.

I'm going to the beach this weekend, and have decided to take my unfortunate third plunge into the "Beauty is Pain" side of body care. I'm getting a wax today. I've finally discovered the excellence of getting waxed, even if it does sound daunting at first.
I prefer getting them done by others rather than doing them myself. There's a hilarious, yet informative article from Into the Gloss about doing your own Brazilian wax, and all I can say is YGG because there is no way that I could successfully give myself a wax. I tried to give myself one a couple of years ago, and it was all fine and dandy until I realized I needed to actually remove hair, therefore ripping the wax off myself. I sat there for about five minutes until I forced myself to pull off the one wax strip I used. Unpleasant, unfinished, understandable. 

Let me continue with this: getting a wax is not fun. At all. It hurts. A lot. I consider myself to have a high pain tolerance, and getting a wax is still really freaking painful. That being said, one needs to take the proper precautions before getting one done. You wouldn't go into a wax without properly exfoliating and taking an Advil, just like you wouldn't run a marathon without training beforehand.

Exfoliate Basically, the answer to any major beauty transformation (waxing, spray tan) is to exfoliate the day before. Also, keep exfoliating after you get your wax done to prevent in-grown hairs. My fave is (obviously) Frank Body Scrub. Sidenote on that: I just received the peppermint coffee scrub from Frank and I love it. I smell like Christmas-themed coffee. 

Pop an Advil... Trust me. Unless you're some kind of pain junky and enjoy the act of ripping your hair off with hot wax, just take an Advil thirty minutes before. 

...But try not to have any liquid courage As much as I would love to down a glass of wine or two before getting a wax, don't do it! It actually makes you more sensitive. 

Wear loose clothing Preferably a dress or skirt. Use your imagination. 

Don't feel awkward Your aesthetician does this for a living. They've seen lots and lots of lady parts so don't feel uncomfortable that you're partially naked laying down butterfly style in front of a stranger. Strike up a conversation. Last time I got a wax, I asked for horror stories of people she had worked with and after that, anything that happens to you won't be bad at all.

The more you do it, the less it will hurt The first time getting a wax, especially a Brazilian, it's going to be really $#!&-ing painful. But, if you're consistent with it, it hurts less each time. Also, less hair grows back each time; an added bonus!

Solidarity, sisters.
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