what to wear + carolina cup

A major event for the southern sorority girl is Carolina Cup! Basically it's an annual derby in Camden, South Carolina in March/April that is huge for southern schools in the area. It's about a four hour drive from Wake Forest, and this will be my fourth year attending! I am very excited.

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Usually the dress code for the event is Lilly Pulitzer. The sea of pink and green at the tailgate is absurd. I've worn Lilly the past three years, and I'm fairly certain I'm wearing Lilly again! However, Wake girls have been really into the whole Free People movement lately, and last year began the era of wearing more boho-festival type of dresses. A hat isn't completely necessary (the less things you have to carry or wear means the less items you lose at the event), but comfortable shoes are. I wore wedges my freshman year and sprained my ankle! 

Can't wait!

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  1. Wear Lilly! Too cute. No Free 'the' People!!!


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