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travel + airplane beauty tips

I like traveling but I hate flying. Airports are the worst, I really don't trust how the plane stays in the air, and unless there's a Jamba Juice in the airport, I always feel gross and tired. I've done a bit of research to figure out the most effective ways to feel my best when traveling. These tips are the bare minimum that you can do; I know what I will do/won't do, and applying a full-face hydrating mask is a bit too much for my taste.

Hydrate like it's your job Drink water. Tons of it. I've tried super hard recently to drink more water on a daily basis, and I know it's tough for me when I'm traveling, especially since I don't want to be running to the bathroom every five minutes. But, it pays off in the long run! Bring an empty water bottle with you to the airport so you can fill it up once you're through security. 

Find a reusable plastic case for liquids If you go to the Container Store, you can find reusable bags to keep your liquids in for your carry on. I prefer keeping my makeup/perfume in my carry-on bag, and having a go-to bag for those items keeps packing simple. 

Lighten your makeup There's really no need to have a full face of makeup when you travel. It's not worth the time when you are getting ready the morning of your flight, and making sure your makeup is perfect is just another hassle throughout the day. It's really better to let your face breathe, so just stick to BB cream (my favorite is from Garnier) and mascara. 

Moisturize So worth it! A face and eye moisturizer (my favorite face moisturizer is from Clinique, and eye cream is from Benefit).

Bring a sleep mask I can sleep through noise (I actually prefer falling asleep with the TV on), but I hate sleeping in light. I like it to be as dark as possible. I've been wearing an eye mask to sleep since I was in middle school probably. If you are like me, sleeping on planes in the daytime is really tough. Bring an eye mask with you if you're planning to take a nap!

Pack snacks If you're on a long flight, you never know what food they're going to pass out for a meal. Be sure to take your own food (granola bars, and if you're really ambitious, pack your own fruits and veggies)

Avoid alcohol Alc already wrecks your skin, and air travel does too, so the combination of the two is a big no-no. Stick with water and drink when you're at your destination.

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