style + cable and lace

Easter weekend was great, but I really just left my room on Friday to go to a day party and Sunday morning to go to church. I'm at the peak of senioritis, minus the whole having-a-plan-after-college part (if anyone wants to hire me, hmu). It was lovely outside today, however, and instead of my usual routine of class and then lounging by a local pool, I actually decided to do work outside. 
I bought this sweater when I was home for the second half of spring break. I was on the hunt for a sweater that was loosely knit, something that I could pair with shorts or dresses without looking Ralph Lauren-esque. This sweater is from Bloomingdales, and the cable knit is just large enough that I have to wear a cami underneath it.

These shorts are wonderful. Before Cancun I found the white version of these shorts in our local Abercrombie, but then I realized the black would come in handy, as well. I wear them more high waisted, and they're great for casual activities or even going to bars. Thank you, Abercrombie.

I didn't wear much jewelry until chokers came back in style. I have an all black beaded wrap necklace (shown in this post) and a white and dark grey one, both of which I made myself. They're super easy to make if you don't feel like going through Etsy and want something on the more basic side.


  1. I've been dying to get a pair of those sandals! Maybe this Spring will finally be the time I finally do it!

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