lifestyle + recap 3/20

Hello!! I hope everyone has had a great week. I had St. Patrick's Day celebrations, a date function, and a 12-hour dance marathon for charity so I'm pretty wiped out. Click read more to see pictures from the events!

I've never celebrated St. Patrick's Day before, so my friends and I went out for the occasion! Didn't realize how little green clothing I have until I was choosing an outfit for this...

Our second date function this semester (and my last official Tri Delt date function ever) was Disney Duos themed. My date and I went as Lilo and Stitch! 

Wake n Shake, Wake Forest's twelve-hour dance marathon, has been around for the past eleven years and I'm so happy to have been a part of it for all four years of my college experience. We raised over $280,000 this year for the Brian Piccolo Cancer Research Fund which is our highest amount yet!

Just a little glimpse of how active I was yesterday....

Comment with posts y'all would like to see in the future! Always open for suggestions.


  1. Hi! Here's a blog post idea... "First Impressions"! You could do it for makeup, a new piece of clothing etc and give updates on the item as you use it throughout the day! :)


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