lifestyle + a clean desk

When I arrived at home on Thursday morning, I was surprised to see my mom re-did my room, yet again! I now have a desk against one of the walls. It's very Pinterest-chic and perfect for when I get to get things done post-grad, pre-career! Click read more to see more pictures.

Of course there are pineapple accents. 

The art wall is still in progress, but it's great so far. There are quotes, a pineapple pic, and a black and gold Chanel sign. Looking for the Prada sign too!

I absolutely love the desk and can't wait to use it when I'm back in Connecticut in May!


  1. The desk is adorable! I wish that was my work station today :) I love the pineapple touches

  2. I love the desk set up! I wish I was working at that desk today. Work is crazy today with painters and fans going.Jess at Just Jess


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