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beauty + spray tan tips

Going from February pale to the Cancun sun is really not ideal. I hate being pale. Seasonal depression is so real y'all. In an effort to avoid the tanning bed, I'm getting a spray tan tomorrow! I have had mixed reactions to spray tans throughout the years. The first one I ever got looked great and I couldn't wait to get the next one. The second one....not so much. Third time was a charm and I looked post-vaca in the Caribbean tan, so let's cross our fingers that the spray tan tomorrow matches that. 

You can't just walk into a tanning place and get a spray tan on a whim. There is prep that goes into it!

Exfoliate Using my fave Frank Body Scrub (I unfortunately ran out recently so none for me) or an exfoliating brush, get rid of dead skin cells so your skin will be silky smooth and the tan will last longer. Added benefit of using a exfoliating brush: reduces cellulite and water retention! Get on that.

Avoid makeup and lotion right before Be freshly showered and completely shaved (that's important too), but don't put on any lotion! 

But use lotion post-tan This helps your tan last longer and fade more evenly.

Dress in loose, dark clothing This is so your tan doesn't rub off right after and stain your clothes. Pretty self explanatory. 

Wear a black bikini Especially one with the tan lines you want. I'm opting for a more Brazilian cut-bottom to give me an itty bitty tan line. Black is better because you don't want to ruin a brightly colored bikini with spray tan. Sometimes tanning places have disposable g-string type things to wear. 

DO NOT MOVE Do not move, do not move, do not move. Wait until it dries completely!!!!!! Pretty obvious.

Wait 8 hours until you shower Hold off as long as you possibly can! Also, pat yourself dry so you don't disturb the color.

Still wear sunscreen Just because you're "tan", does not mean you're immune to the effects of the sun.

If y'all have any more tips, comment below!

Also, a very happy birthday to my mother!

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