health + stay healthy in college

I normally don't like to keep food in my room because there's no doubt I'm going to eat it as soon as I buy it. But, I've gotten really good at keeping a nice variety of health food available so I never skip breakfast and for when I need a little pick me up. Here are my favorite healthy foods to keep in your dorm room. 

style + spring fever

Every so often, there's a semi-local store that visits Wake to sell adorable dresses, tops, and jewelry on our upper quad. I have gotten extremely lucky with their sales for the past four years, and last week's shopping trip was no exception.

My friends and I were successful shoppers last week, and I was able to pick up this dress and some other items on sale! This dress is very comfortable and lightweight, so it's nice to transition from spring to summer. Only the front has lace which I was a little iffy about at first but now I really like it. 

It's been chillier this week, so my denim jacket has come in handy. 


style + cable and lace

Easter weekend was great, but I really just left my room on Friday to go to a day party and Sunday morning to go to church. I'm at the peak of senioritis, minus the whole having-a-plan-after-college part (if anyone wants to hire me, hmu). It was lovely outside today, however, and instead of my usual routine of class and then lounging by a local pool, I actually decided to do work outside. 
I bought this sweater when I was home for the second half of spring break. I was on the hunt for a sweater that was loosely knit, something that I could pair with shorts or dresses without looking Ralph Lauren-esque. This sweater is from Bloomingdales, and the cable knit is just large enough that I have to wear a cami underneath it.

These shorts are wonderful. Before Cancun I found the white version of these shorts in our local Abercrombie, but then I realized the black would come in handy, as well. I wear them more high waisted, and they're great for casual activities or even going to bars. Thank you, Abercrombie.

I didn't wear much jewelry until chokers came back in style. I have an all black beaded wrap necklace (shown in this post) and a white and dark grey one, both of which I made myself. They're super easy to make if you don't feel like going through Etsy and want something on the more basic side.


travel + favorite food in fairfield and westchester county

Cava, New Canaan, CT
If you're in the NYC area looking for a fun weekend trip to the "country" (what a joke), there's no better place to go than Fairfield County! I've been living in the good ole' FC for more than half my life now, and I'm planning to return when I gradate in May. Everything is twenty minutes away from each other and there's no need for big malls because you have great downtown areas in each town. 

Considering one of my hobbies is eating, I know a lot about the best places to eat in the area. I'm partial to Fairfield County, however the neighboring Westchester County in New York has some of my favorite places as well. Click read more to see some of my favorite places in the area.


what i'm wearing + formal and senior cocktail

In a little less than a month I'll be at my last sorority formal of college. I have been to 6 formals and 16 date functions for Tri Delt! I'm planning on getting as many pictures and having as much fun as humanly possible for the last one.

I'll be wearing this dress from AQUA. I am obsessed. Besides the fact that it's way edgier and cooler than I'll ever be, it's really flattering and definitely a dress to remember. My mother found it (which is shocking because this dress isn't really something she would usually choose for me), and I am counting the days until I can actually wear it. Plus, it's something fun that I could wear post-grad!

I also have an event called "senior cocktail," which is a crush party for my senior pledge class. Each of us invites like three people and we all have a semi-formal together! I'm going to wear a hot pink dress from Tuckernuck, which I wore in this post.

Shoes? I have no idea. I have a complete aversion to heels because I last probably 45 minutes in them and proceed to take them off, no matter where the location. But heels look so good! We'll see. It also depends on the height of my date. I wore flats to fall formal and it was one of the best decisions ever. We shall see!


what to wear + graduation party dresses

53 days until graduation. Cue hyperventilating. 

As I wait to hear back from jobs, I guess I'll just choose what I'll be wearing from now until the daunting day I drive back from my college dorm to Connecticut. I have dinners, sorority events, picture-taking sessions, all in the name of Wake Forest graduation! Here are some of the favorite choices I've found so far.

style + spring essentials

It's officially spring, even if it's still snowing in Connecticut and it's 37 degrees in North Carolina. We've been blessed with very sunny weather, although the past couple of days have been deceivingly cold. Time to break out lighter clothing and start changing your makeup routine!

If I'm going to be completely honest, I really don't like spring. It's "will they, won't they" season where you really never know what the weather is going to be like. Summer and fall is where it's at, and probably the only redeemable parts of spring are spring break, looking tan (for at least a little while) after spring break, and spring clothes.

what to wear + carolina cup

A major event for the southern sorority girl is Carolina Cup! Basically it's an annual derby in Camden, South Carolina in March/April that is huge for southern schools in the area. It's about a four hour drive from Wake Forest, and this will be my fourth year attending! I am very excited.

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten

Usually the dress code for the event is Lilly Pulitzer. The sea of pink and green at the tailgate is absurd. I've worn Lilly the past three years, and I'm fairly certain I'm wearing Lilly again! However, Wake girls have been really into the whole Free People movement lately, and last year began the era of wearing more boho-festival type of dresses. A hat isn't completely necessary (the less things you have to carry or wear means the less items you lose at the event), but comfortable shoes are. I wore wedges my freshman year and sprained my ankle! 

Can't wait!


lifestyle + recap 3/20

Hello!! I hope everyone has had a great week. I had St. Patrick's Day celebrations, a date function, and a 12-hour dance marathon for charity so I'm pretty wiped out. Click read more to see pictures from the events!


travel + how to pack for a weekend trip

From college visits to weekend trips to long weekends in Connecticut, I've tried to fine tune the way I pack so my luggage isn't exploding with my overpacked clothes. Here is my list of go-to items for traveling for a long weekend.

style + spring iphone cases

Considering I break my phone once every semester (my current phone is shattered in ways you wouldn't believe), I should really only be looking at Otterboxes or Lifeproofs. I never learn from my iPhone breaking ways, and always look at the cutest cases for each season. Here are my favorite phone cases for spring!

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine 

I was in Kate Spade recently and saw the cases one and five and they were really cute. The ice cream cone case is very Zooey Deschanel. My favorite flower is a daisy, and I think anything floral is perfect for spring (cliché but true). Banana leaf print is one of my faves, and what would a post be without the great Bae Watch logo by Private Party?


lifestyle + a clean desk

When I arrived at home on Thursday morning, I was surprised to see my mom re-did my room, yet again! I now have a desk against one of the walls. It's very Pinterest-chic and perfect for when I get to get things done post-grad, pre-career! Click read more to see more pictures.


lifestyle + cancun

I can now officially say I have gone to (and survived) Mexico. One of the single oddest places I've ever been, Cancun was an absolute blast! Half sad it's over, mostly because I love the beach, but I don't think my body can handle the lack of sleep and water and excess of sugary drinks.

The flight in was super easy (even with waking up at the crack of dawn to catch our flight), and all my friends were on the same plane as me! There were probably about 200 seniors on the trip. 

We didn't really have the best weather in was raining and cloudy until Sunday, but then it ended up being nice enough the rest of the trip. Our hotel was basically all Wake kids and some U Pittsburg students, but it was a really good bonding experience for our class. It was hard to only drink out of water bottles and not eat the lettuce, and with our all-inclusive package we could only eat at 3 places at the resort. You think in Mexico that there would be good Mexican food, but it really wasn't the case at this hotel

The trip basically consisted of waking up, going to the beach until 5 in the afternoon, getting pledge class group dinners, and then going to the club of the night. 

The first night was probably my favorite night of the trip. The party we went to was really small (so basically Wake seniors hanging out together) and there was a pool in the middle of the club! Coming from frat parties and the minimal bar scene in Winston-Salem, this was a pleasant surprise. I spent most of the night hanging out in the pool with my friends and it was so worth it. 

Sunday was a crazy amount of fun. One fraternity and two sororities rented a boat and did a little cruise for the day! We all walked onto the dock and were surprised at how baby sized the boat was! It worked out really well in the end.

The boat stopped at a little island for lunch and a break from the water. The cruise was a total of like eight hours, and we all passed out when we got back to the hotel. 

The rest of the days were spent by the beach! 

I loved spending spring break with my sorority and the other seniors, and I can't wait to celebrate during my last half semester of college!


travel + airplane beauty tips

I like traveling but I hate flying. Airports are the worst, I really don't trust how the plane stays in the air, and unless there's a Jamba Juice in the airport, I always feel gross and tired. I've done a bit of research to figure out the most effective ways to feel my best when traveling. These tips are the bare minimum that you can do; I know what I will do/won't do, and applying a full-face hydrating mask is a bit too much for my taste.

Hydrate like it's your job Drink water. Tons of it. I've tried super hard recently to drink more water on a daily basis, and I know it's tough for me when I'm traveling, especially since I don't want to be running to the bathroom every five minutes. But, it pays off in the long run! Bring an empty water bottle with you to the airport so you can fill it up once you're through security. 

Find a reusable plastic case for liquids If you go to the Container Store, you can find reusable bags to keep your liquids in for your carry on. I prefer keeping my makeup/perfume in my carry-on bag, and having a go-to bag for those items keeps packing simple. 

Lighten your makeup There's really no need to have a full face of makeup when you travel. It's not worth the time when you are getting ready the morning of your flight, and making sure your makeup is perfect is just another hassle throughout the day. It's really better to let your face breathe, so just stick to BB cream (my favorite is from Garnier) and mascara. 

Moisturize So worth it! A face and eye moisturizer (my favorite face moisturizer is from Clinique, and eye cream is from Benefit).

Bring a sleep mask I can sleep through noise (I actually prefer falling asleep with the TV on), but I hate sleeping in light. I like it to be as dark as possible. I've been wearing an eye mask to sleep since I was in middle school probably. If you are like me, sleeping on planes in the daytime is really tough. Bring an eye mask with you if you're planning to take a nap!

Pack snacks If you're on a long flight, you never know what food they're going to pass out for a meal. Be sure to take your own food (granola bars, and if you're really ambitious, pack your own fruits and veggies)

Avoid alcohol Alc already wrecks your skin, and air travel does too, so the combination of the two is a big no-no. Stick with water and drink when you're at your destination.


wishlist + march

Happy March 4th! Happy spring break! Happy seventy-two days until graduation! Or maybe not. With my lack of schoolwork and the rising temperatures in North Carolina (seventy and sunny on Monday and Tuesday, definitely cannot complain), webshopping (but more like browsing) has taken up my abundance of spare time. Here are my top likes for March!

one | two | three | four | fivesix | seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven | twelve (topbottom)

Free People White Backless Tee A good basic that I could really wear with anything.

Kendra Scott Wrap Necklace How cute is this? I'm the biggest fan of wrap necklaces (see my instagram) but this one changes the game.

Urban Outfitters Backless Dress Cute for class, cute for post-grad, could be dressed up and dressed it's not black so I'm really branching out in March!

Barre So Hard Top I think this is hilarious. Great for my Pure Barre classes!

Instant Camera Still obsessed, still want it.

Gladiator Sandals I need a pair for spring. That's all.

Abercrombie Fringe Suede Skirt I saw this in the store the other day and I think it's so cool. Probably best to save it for next fall.

Abercrombie Lace Shorts Perfect for spring and summer...and you can wear it with so much....for so many occasions. I have a pair of Lilly lace shorts but I've had them for years and they're getting a bit worn out.

Lilly Pulitzer iPhone Case In desperate need of a new iPhone case. And this one has pineapples on it!!

Abercrombie White Cami I think this is adorable!

Nasty Gal LBD I've had my eye on this dress for a while and it's finally back in stock!

Monday Swimwear Just another nod to my #inspo Natasha Oakley. I bought a black bikini from Monday a month or two ago, but I looooove the Clovelly top!

Follow my wishlist board on Pinterest!


travel + what to pack for cancun

T-minus 36 hours until I'm on my flight to Mexico! Pray for me, y'all. Packing for this was tricky because I couldn't decide whether I wanted to check a bag or just take a carry-on. My trip is six days, five nights and I really planned on wearing swimwear for most of it. I've also never been on a true "spring break" before, aka one that requires going out clothes, rather than just pretty dresses and bikinis. I am crazy excited, especially to be at the beach, but also because right after Cancun I'm flying home to Connecticut! That's a drastic change in environment but it'll be a nice little rest. 

beauty + spray tan tips

Going from February pale to the Cancun sun is really not ideal. I hate being pale. Seasonal depression is so real y'all. In an effort to avoid the tanning bed, I'm getting a spray tan tomorrow! I have had mixed reactions to spray tans throughout the years. The first one I ever got looked great and I couldn't wait to get the next one. The second one....not so much. Third time was a charm and I looked post-vaca in the Caribbean tan, so let's cross our fingers that the spray tan tomorrow matches that. 

You can't just walk into a tanning place and get a spray tan on a whim. There is prep that goes into it!

Exfoliate Using my fave Frank Body Scrub (I unfortunately ran out recently so none for me) or an exfoliating brush, get rid of dead skin cells so your skin will be silky smooth and the tan will last longer. Added benefit of using a exfoliating brush: reduces cellulite and water retention! Get on that.

Avoid makeup and lotion right before Be freshly showered and completely shaved (that's important too), but don't put on any lotion! 

But use lotion post-tan This helps your tan last longer and fade more evenly.

Dress in loose, dark clothing This is so your tan doesn't rub off right after and stain your clothes. Pretty self explanatory. 

Wear a black bikini Especially one with the tan lines you want. I'm opting for a more Brazilian cut-bottom to give me an itty bitty tan line. Black is better because you don't want to ruin a brightly colored bikini with spray tan. Sometimes tanning places have disposable g-string type things to wear. 

DO NOT MOVE Do not move, do not move, do not move. Wait until it dries completely!!!!!! Pretty obvious.

Wait 8 hours until you shower Hold off as long as you possibly can! Also, pat yourself dry so you don't disturb the color.

Still wear sunscreen Just because you're "tan", does not mean you're immune to the effects of the sun.

If y'all have any more tips, comment below!

Also, a very happy birthday to my mother!


health + fave fitness apps

In an effort to keep up my summer workout habits during the school year, I've downloaded a fairly large amount of health and fitness apps to try out. I have finally whittled down my favorite ones, so here is the breakdown of what I try to use every day/when I work out. 

Fitbit I really don't think I need to explain the love for Fitbit. Here's what the app actually looks like though. It syncs with your phone throughout the day so you can keep track of your progress.

SWORKIT My recent obsession. SWORKIT is an app that has timed workouts that you can do for any set amount of time. If I'm short on time, I'll do a 5 or 10 minute workout. There's a basic, all-encompassing app, and then two additional apps focused on Abs or Butt. It also sends you reminders to work out and tells how many calories your burned based off of your weight. 

Nike Training Club One of my best friends loves this app. The average time is 15 minutes for each workout, and you can adjust your fitness level before you get started. There are so many workouts available on this app!

Pure Barre An easy way to sign up for Pure Barre classes and keep track of which ones you've already been to.

Sweat with Kayla At this point, who doesn't know who Kayla Itsines is? Instead of her previous workout booklets, she has an app!! It times all the workouts for you (four rounds of seven minutes each) and helps you keep track of what stage you're on.

Running for Weight Loss Basically, you set a running goal and the app gives you a workout for each day. I would love to run a half marathon some day so hopefully this app will help!

What health and fitness apps do y'all use? 

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