what to wear + superbowl party

I'm so excited for the Superbowl! Everyone is super involved with it this year, considering I go to school in North Carolina and the Panthers are playing. But, I will be rooting for the Broncos! My family has a slight obsession with Peyton Manning, so obviously we have to support him. 

Usually my sorority throws a Superbowl viewing party in our lounge, but I think this year my friends and I are having a party in one of our suites. We'll be making lots of food to celebrate correctly! For people who are actually going to real parties, here are some outfits I've come up with for the occasion.

one: top | jeans | necklace | boots

I will most likely be wearing the closest thing I have to a Manning Broncos jersey, which is my UT Manning jersey! They're both orange...and they both have Manning on the back...so it's basically the same.

Let's make it through this week so we can get to the Superbowl!

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