lifestyle + weekly recap 2/8

Helloo everyone! I hope y'all had a lovely weekend. February (luckily) hasn't been as boring as usual! Last week was pretty low-key; just class and mixers over the weekend. I did go to two Wake  basketball games (#superfan) and my friends and I celebrated the Superbowl with a little apartment party. Click read more to see more pics from the weekend!

Thursday night was our usual going out night with the usual crew. It was unseasonably warm last week, hence the romper, but unfortunately it's supposed to get really cold again this week!

Saturday after the basketball game, some of my friends and I went to a day party for a little while. It was nice outside so why not? Also, I made the necklace I'm wearing in the picture above. Really think it's easier than ordering one online!

Sunday was filled with cleaning up my room, doing work, and the SUPERBOWL! Being a Peyton Manning fan, I obviously was rooting for the Broncos. I don't actually have a Broncos jersey, but I do have a UT Manning wrong team but right color and player! My friends and I brought a ton of food (the main theme being cheese) to keep us alive while watching the game. First off, Lady Gaga. Slay. I have low-key been obsessed with her since she first became relevant. I saw her in concert when I was in high school and she was incredible, like everyone needs to see this woman sing live. Obviously she was going to be great for the national anthem. AND SHE WAS. 

Secondly, the game itself was subpar, and the halftime show was mixed for me. I am not a fan of Coldplay, so it wasn't an exciting experience watching it, but let's talk about Bey and Bruno. I think Bruno Mars is crazy talented and would kill to see him in concert. I just want to be his friend! He's so smiley and wonderful! BUT THEN BEYONCE dear Lord...still deciding how I feel about the new song but there's no denying she was great. The dance battle between Beyonce and Bruno put me over the edge. I think I had a heart attack. Then the beginning of "Crazy in Love"? I think it's an automatic reaction to just lose it whenever that song starts playing. Poor Chris Martin trying to get in between the fabulousness going on...

Third, I'm very happy the Broncos won but many people at my school are not happy they won. If it were any other team but a Manning brother team, I would have cheered on Cam Newton with the rest of them! However, that was not the case and endless snaps for the Broncos. Peyton Manning is king and Bey is queen. 

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Hope y'all all have a great week!

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