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health + spring break crackdown

A little less than a month until Spring Break arrives! I am counting the minutes until my friends and I (and the rest of the senior class) flies down to Cancun for a week in Mexico. We just had the realization that we're going to be in bikinis in a short amount of time, so Spring Break diet and exercise has officially begun! Here is my plan to get into beach-ready shape on a time crunch.

Run, run, and run some more I've found that the most effective combination of workouts for feeling great fast is running and Pure Barre. If I run three miles a couple times a week, and then go to Pure Barre for four or five days, I feel on top of the world. I just bought a semester package for our local Pure Barre, so I will definitely be hitting that up as much as I can. Since PB is off campus, but only barely (it's in Reynolda Village, a shopping center literally right next to campus), my go-to is to run to PB and around the area (there are trails right next to Reynolda Village), and then run back home when the class is over. Easy and effective!

Drink more water I've gotten into a really bad habit of drinking soda lately, which is weird because that's very unlike me. I'm aiming to switch out the Sierra Mist for water! I just bought a new water bottle to carry around with me everywhere so I think that will be a good incentive.

Eat healthier Can't really say it any simpler. I eat well Monday through Friday afternoon, but Friday night through Sunday is a little off. If I have a salad for lunch every day, and stop snacking during the day, I know I'll feel healthier. Also, the final week before I leave for Mexico I'm going on a full alcohol purge so I don't have the extra bloat!

What are y'alls "get in shape quick" tips? Let me know!

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