travel + what to pack in a carry on

I am a notorious overpacker. This past fall I went to Gatlinberg, TN for 2 days and actually packed probably 5 outfits. It's ridiculous. However, I really do know how to pack the airplane carry-on, which requires much less important decisions. 

First off, the bag. I prefer large totes (from Longchamp, Tory Burch, Kate Spade, or Lilly Pulitzer). It helps if they zip at the top so you don't have to worry about things getting lost. Second, I like to pack the big items first so I can figure out how pack around them. My laptop (and charger! Don't forget chargers!) and camera (if I'm not bringing its huge case) are the two big tech items I'll bring, as well as my phone and headphones. I always bring my makeup bag in my carry on, because you never know if you are going to lose your suitcase! Same thing goes with jewelry. I don't really wear much jewelry on a daily basis, and I'll probably be wearing my usual rings/bracelets on the flight anyway. But, it's always better to keep your jewelry with you in a cute bag.

I cannot forget to bring my passport for Mexico this weekend. That would be counterproductive! Also bring your wallet with the appropriate cash/cards, and put it in a side pocket of the bag. Other little items I keep in the side pocket are Visine (my eyes get red easily) and lip balm. Lastly, I like to keep a water bottle in my bag so I can fill it up when I get to the airport.

What do y'all pack in your carry on? Leave tips and ideas in the comments below!

health + fitbit alta

Y'all know about my love for my Fitbit. It's honestly one of the best items I've ever purchased, and even a year and a half later, I'm still obsessed with it. I have the Fitbit Flex, but the brand recently released the Fitbit Alta. It's only available for pre-order right now (available in mid-March), but I think it's a great step up from the baseline Flex.

First off, the Alta still as thin as the Flex. A lot of the other Fitbit options are pretty bulky, and I prefer to have a little band rather than something huge. The Alta and the Flex both have options for color changes, which is a huge part of why I chose the Flex originally. I usually only wear my black band, but I like having the option to change it whenever I want. The Alta has metal and leather band choices, too. 

But, the biggest (and best) change between the two is that the face of the Alta has many more features than the basic Flex. It actually tells time! Some of the other features include all-day activity (that tracks steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes), automatic sleep tracking, reminders to move (very helpful during Netflix binges), and SmartTrack (when the Fitbit automatically recognizes select activities so it can record them as exercise). 

Isn't it cool? I'm such an exercise accessory geek so I think the Alta is awesome!


what to wear + graduation

82 days until graduation. Excuse me while I dry heave and proceed to have a panic attack. 

Even though it's a dark and depressing (but also exciting and life-changing, blah blah blah) time in a twenty-two year olds life, I have one free weekend between now and graduation. There is literally an event going on every single weekend until the lone weekend in May when my parents and brother make the trek down to celebrate my graduating college. So many parties! So many brunches and dinners and bittersweet events to have fun with friends and family and take lots of cute pictures! 

For graduation we have to wear a cap and gown, something that is completely foreign to me considering the girls in my high school graduating class all wore white dresses. I'm planning on wearing a white dress underneath my gown to carry on the tradition!

one | two | three | four | five | six

My senior year of high school I wore a Lilly Pulitzer shift dress, and usually they have a pretty good "White Dress Shop" when it gets closer to spring. I just bought option number two, so we'll see how it works out. I really love high neck dresses (must be inspired by the obsession turtleneck), so I think my goal is to find a really cute high neck, sleeveless white dress. Revolve and Nasty Gal also have great options!

If y'all have any post ideas or requests, comment below or email me at!


lifestyle + weekly recap 2/22

Hey guys! This week flew by, which is quiet unfortunate considering I only have so few weeks left in my senior year. We started off with a snow day on Monday, and it was literally 70 degrees today...makes no sense. Only two weeks left until spring break though! 

Click read more to see more pics and updates from this week.


style + spring break swimwear

T-minus 17 days until spring break! I love love love the beach, the sun, and especially swimwear. I could be totally happy wearing a bikini every day (hence my obsession with A Bikini A Day). I just ordered two bikinis from Victoria's Secret for Cancun (adding even more inspiration to eat healthier), and it was really fun to just browse around and pick my favorites.

one (top, bottom) | two (top, bottom) | three (top, bottom) | four (top, bottom) | five (top, bottom) | six | seven | eight (top, bottom) | nine | ten (top, bottom)

Everyone needs a black string bikini. It is a classic and you will wear it always. I often have to stop myself from ordering more black string bikinis. Accents such as crochet and mesh are super fun and add a little something extra. 

I'm not a huge printed bikini fan (I can never find a print I like enough, and animal print looks trashy in bikini form), but I looove neon colors. I bought a neon pink halter bikini and I'm super excited to get to wear it soon. Triangl is a big fave of mine, but remember...size up. They have more options offered than their classic colorblock bikinis, like number six and seven shown above. 

My friend has the Mikoh strappy bikini (number eight) and it looks so cool. Not really a tanning bikini though! 

Let's take a moment of (hilarious) appreciation for the Bae Watch bikini. My best friend and I halfway joked about getting matching versions for Cancun.........I'd be so down.

And lastly, I think this colorblock Tory bikini is really cute! Definitely a splurge, but Tory bikinis are really well made and so worth it.

What brands do y'all go-to for swimwear shopping?


lifestyle + weekly recap 2/15

My goal is to stop making "weekend recaps," and to replace them with "weekly recaps." That way I can tell my favorite music, shopping finds, and random things from the weekend instead of just showing pictures from whatever darty I go to. Click read more to see more from this week!


lifestyle + favorite fashion movies

Everyone has those movies to turn to when they want outfit inspiration. I have eight favorites that never let me down!

To Catch a Thief I had a slight obsession with Grace Kelly from ages 15 to 17, and I have seen most of her movies. Although Rear Window is a fan favorite for Kelly's outfits, I love To Catch a Thief. The blue gown! The white gown! The swimwear! It's all so pretty, and it doesn't help that Grace Kelly looks literally perfect.

The Thomas Crown Affair I looooooooove this movie! Rene Russo is fully outfitted by Michael Kors and it's perfect. The coats and turtlenecks are fantastic. Such a cool movie.

The Devil Wears Prada Wrote this post while I was watching this movie last night. Who doesn't like this movie? I want to be best friends with Stanley Tucci, and I would definitely be one of the girls who would kill for Andi's job. 

Breakfast at Tiffany's Duh.

Clueless Top five favorite movies of all time. The plaid skirts are perfect, I want Cher's hair, and it's inspired Halloween costumes for girls everywhere.

Sex and the City Even though the outfits are a bit ridiculous at times, it's still fun to see what Carrie will come up with. The scene where she's cleaning out her closet is great! 

The Holiday Not many people would consider this to be a fashion movie, but I beg to differ. Cameron Diaz is #goals in every way. 

Atonement The green dress. Done. 


health + spring break crackdown

A little less than a month until Spring Break arrives! I am counting the minutes until my friends and I (and the rest of the senior class) flies down to Cancun for a week in Mexico. We just had the realization that we're going to be in bikinis in a short amount of time, so Spring Break diet and exercise has officially begun! Here is my plan to get into beach-ready shape on a time crunch.

Run, run, and run some more I've found that the most effective combination of workouts for feeling great fast is running and Pure Barre. If I run three miles a couple times a week, and then go to Pure Barre for four or five days, I feel on top of the world. I just bought a semester package for our local Pure Barre, so I will definitely be hitting that up as much as I can. Since PB is off campus, but only barely (it's in Reynolda Village, a shopping center literally right next to campus), my go-to is to run to PB and around the area (there are trails right next to Reynolda Village), and then run back home when the class is over. Easy and effective!

Drink more water I've gotten into a really bad habit of drinking soda lately, which is weird because that's very unlike me. I'm aiming to switch out the Sierra Mist for water! I just bought a new water bottle to carry around with me everywhere so I think that will be a good incentive.

Eat healthier Can't really say it any simpler. I eat well Monday through Friday afternoon, but Friday night through Sunday is a little off. If I have a salad for lunch every day, and stop snacking during the day, I know I'll feel healthier. Also, the final week before I leave for Mexico I'm going on a full alcohol purge so I don't have the extra bloat!

What are y'alls "get in shape quick" tips? Let me know!


lifestyle + weekly recap 2/8

Helloo everyone! I hope y'all had a lovely weekend. February (luckily) hasn't been as boring as usual! Last week was pretty low-key; just class and mixers over the weekend. I did go to two Wake  basketball games (#superfan) and my friends and I celebrated the Superbowl with a little apartment party. Click read more to see more pics from the weekend!


beauty + the cool girl bob

There's a fine line between having a cool girl bob and a mom bob. I was on the latter side of the line when I had shorter hair in high school, but I think with the right styling products and technique you can make short hair look super messy and fun. Jen Atkin (hair stylist to the stars) put it best when she said that the messy, wavy bob is just "cool girl bitchy waves." I'm very much into the bedhead look lately and it's really not that hard to achieve! 

what to wear + valentine's day

Literally LOL if I go on a date on Valentine's Day...however I thought it would be nice to show y'all what I would wear if I were to go do something romantic on this Hallmark Card holiday. 

two: top | heels | bag | skirt
three: dress | heels | bag | hoops

This is basically my wishlist right now. My little just called the first outfit "Tinder-date chic" so there's that, but I like it. J. Crew has really great basic camis in a lot of different colors, and I really have been on the lookout for some ripped-but-not-too-trashy let me know if y'all see any. I bought the Newbury Booties from Rag&Bone a couple of years ago on super super sale and honestly so worth it. I wear them everywhere. 

I really don't know how I feel about bodysuits but I like this one. And feather skirts are cool AF. I would wear this outfit in a heartbeat. 

Nasty Gal walks a very fine line between being really inappropriate and really cute. This dress falls on the cute side of that line. I want it now. Also, have to wear the Sheila Fajl hoop earrings. Guys they're the best!

I think my obsession with turtlenecks and over-the-knee boots has been established. I really like this Madewell sleeveless turtleneck, it's v 90s and who doesn't love the 90s? And look at those ear jackets! Haven't ever worn them but they're so cool!

One week until Valentine's day aka one week until my friends and I watch Magic Mike XXL and drink lots of wine.


style + mesh athletic wear

Considering half of what I wear normally is workout clothes, I like to think of myself as fairly well versed in cute athletic wear. One of my favorite trends that I've recently gotten really into is mesh leggings. I have two pair of Lululemon leggings with criss-cross mesh designs on them and they're the best. I always get compliments on them, and they're surprisingly comfortable. 

one | two | three | four | five | six

Lulu is my usual go-to for mesh leggings, but I found some great options from Bandier, Lorna Jane, and Athleta. The great thing about these leggings is that I really wear them more casually rather than to work out...literally the definition of athleisure (lol). 



beauty + youtube hair/makeup tutorials

I am one of those people who watches Youtube hair and makeup tutorials when I'm bored. I guess technically it's completely useless, especially since I've tried to wear less makeup in general as of late (we all go through stages), but I just find them really interesting!! It's taken me a while to find people that I actually like (half the time I'll mute the video), and it's really convinced me that I could put my own hair/makeup videos on youtube (but I won't). However, I've found a couple vloggers that I watch consistently. 

My absolute favorite beauty vlogger is Samantha from Batalash Beauty. She has a bit more extreme looks than I would ever do, but she is so freaking funny that that's half of the reason I watch her videos. Please, watch the Chit Chat Get Ready With Me video about her trip to IKEA if you want to laugh. 

Click read more to see my favorite Youtube beauty videos!


lifestyle + january recap

Most people don't like January but since coming to college, I actually love it. This year, I celebrated New Year's with friends, had a great sorority rush, a really fun beginning of second semester, and an even better twenty-second birthday. Now it's February 2 and officially the countdown until spring break. 

Click on read more some pictures and recaps from the past month.

what to wear + superbowl party

I'm so excited for the Superbowl! Everyone is super involved with it this year, considering I go to school in North Carolina and the Panthers are playing. But, I will be rooting for the Broncos! My family has a slight obsession with Peyton Manning, so obviously we have to support him. 

Usually my sorority throws a Superbowl viewing party in our lounge, but I think this year my friends and I are having a party in one of our suites. We'll be making lots of food to celebrate correctly! For people who are actually going to real parties, here are some outfits I've come up with for the occasion.

one: top | jeans | necklace | boots

I will most likely be wearing the closest thing I have to a Manning Broncos jersey, which is my UT Manning jersey! They're both orange...and they both have Manning on the it's basically the same.

Let's make it through this week so we can get to the Superbowl!

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