what to wear + winter coats

It is freezing. Literally under 32 degrees, so actually freezing. This past week was so nice, and then starting yesterday everything became miserably cold. I typically just wear my Barbour 24/7 but right now I am actually hating life being this cold, so I'm rethinking this lack of puffy jacket thing.

one | two | three | four

Coats one and four are my personal favorites (I like the hood). Go-to places to look are the North Face, J. Crew, and Patagonia. Puffy jackets are great now because they have gotten stylish to the point they don't make you look like a Michelin man if you're wearing one.

My heat isn't working in my room right now (so it's pretty much a constant 65 degrees...the air will work, but not the heat!) and I've already called to have them fix it...with no results, unfortunately. May have to invest in one of these coats to sleep in!

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