what to wear + birthday dinner

T-minus 6 days until I turn twenty-two! It sounds extremely old to me (and it means I'm that much closer to graduation) but I'm really, really excited for this next weekend for all of the celebrations.

I am one of those people that makes their birthday a huge deal for no reason. My birthday last year was when I could legally drink, and it was on a Saturday, so it was a very high-key, outrageous event. I am determined to make the most boring birthday of all, year twenty-two, even bigger and better.

Saturday night, my birthday-eve, my friends and I are having a big dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant. What's better than cheap margaritas and lots of queso? Kind of unsure about what's happening the rest of the weekend, but I can't wait!

Considering I'm going to be taking an unreal amount of pictures for my birthday, I'm trying to find a cute outfit to immortalize the event. Here are my favorite options to wear to a winter birthday dinner!

one: tee | leggings | flats | hoops
two: dress | boots | necklace
three: dress | heels | hoops

Guys I'm not going to lie, I actually tried really hard to find outfits that included a little bit more color than my usual black/white/grey color scheme. I failed. First off, there's nothing that caught my eye that wasn't black, and secondly, it's winter,  so I think it's okay for the outfits to be darker.

Since I'm going to a more casual type affair on Saturday, I think the first or fourth outfit choices are more in line with my goal.

Let the birthday week begin!

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  1. Yay for Birthday week! I turn 26 on Jan 31st. I am just getting together for dinner with friends. I agree it can be hard to find colorful outfits for winter birthdays, luckily it will be about 60 degrees here in the Triangle. Jess at Just Jess


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