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Happy Halloween everyone! Today is going to be a fun day. Last night was our last home football game of the year (as I type through hazy Saturday morning sad-senior tears) and today is spent in recovery to get ready for Halloween parties tonight. My costume borders on outrageous but the way I look at it is that this is my last year to be outrageous...so why not. 

I haven't had much work this week, which leads to me constantly Pinterest-ing and webshopping-without-purchasing. Here are some of my current obsessions from my online browsing.

one | two | three | four | five | six

MiH Jeans Patchwork Mini Skirt Isn't this fun? It's a new take on the classic suede skirt and could be paired with a ton of tops.

Vineyard Vines Christmas Tartan Skirt As I'm easing my way into wearing skirts, thank God for the surplus amount of plaid and tartan options this (upcoming) holiday season. Wouldn't this be super cute with a black turtleneck, tights and heels to a Christmas party? 

Bumble and Bumble Repair Blow Dry Since I'm trying out new ways of curling my hair, I've actually been blow drying my hair more often. I'm obsessed with Bumble and Bumble, and they have this great hair cream to use pre-blowdry to ward off damage.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera One of my friends has this polaroid camera and I think it's so cool. I found one at Urban Outfitters but you can get it like $40 cheaper on Amazon!

ASOS Lace Up Over the Knee Boots These boots are just so amazing and at a reasonable price, too! I don't have any heeled tall boots but I think these may just have to be my first.

Vineyard Vines Twill & Leather North South Carryall I love this. It's a durable, long-lasting bag that looks just rugged enough without being worn-out.


style + perfect plaid

My ultimate go-to brand for anything fall is Madewell. They have risen to the top of my list of favorite stores, specifically for colder weather. Whether be turtlenecks, scarves, sweaters, or plaid shirts galore, they have it all. I bought this dress from Madewell earlier this season and it's actually gotten some great use.

style + fave fall scarves

They're warm, they're cozy, can be worn in a multitude of ways, and are in every print and pattern imaginable. They're scarves. It's raining here in the Forest, and I can't think of a better item to wear while cuddling up with Netflix and my favorite fur blanket than a snug, oversized scarf. I'm partial to giant plaid scarves that could basically double as a throw blanket. Here are some of my recent favorite choices. 

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven 

Madewell Softest Rib Circle Scarf Don't you just want to snuggle up with this scarf? It comes in three colors and is currently on sale with a purchase of a full-priced pair of Madewell jeans!

J. Crew Fireside Plaid Scarf Love me some plaid. This is vaguely similar to the iconic Burberry scarf, just toned down. 

Tory Burch Souk Printed Scarf Tory print or Persian rug? This is the thinnest scarf of the bunch, so it's better as an statement accessory rather than a layering piece when it's cold out. 

Franco Ferrari Double Plaid Herringbone Goku Square Scarf Plaid and herringbone? Yes please. The best of both worlds. It's like Ralph Lauren Home in scarf form.

Michael Stars Big Cat Eternity Scarf I have at least three animal print scarves, but they're all very loud and obvious. I like that this scarf is a muted take on leopard print....also that it's called the Big Cat scarf.

Madewell Cape Scarf in Huntington Plaid This scarf is fun because it has little armholes in it, giving it the "cape scarf" quality. Paired with a turtleneck, leggings and over the knee boots, you've got a great outfit!

Club Monaco Thisbee Scarf Doesn't this look luxuriously soft? Club Monaco is such a gem but I always forget about it. Snaps to Shopbop for reminding me how cute their clothes are!

Where do y'all look for scarves? 


lifestyle + evelyn henson artwork

There are times when I wish I had kept up with art classes when I was younger. Seeing Evelyn Henson's adorable painted prints is one of those times. I am obsessed with the cutesy and stylish designs that this Georgia based artist has created. Here are some of my favorites.


style + the official fall uniform

Having gone to a middle and high school that required a uniform, I know how easy it is to wear something without even having to think twice. Having been long out of high school for a while now, I've missed having the ease of the going straight to my closet to find a designated, classic outfit. Now, instead of having to wear a plaid skirt and collared shirt every day, I can wear the perfect fall uniform: a plaid shirt, vest, pair of jeans and tall boots. 

style + beaded by w

Thank you Pinterest for another jewelry find. Although me changing my daily jewelry routine (the same two rings, the same two bracelets, either hoops or pearls) is pretty rare, I'm a huge fan of long, wrap necklaces. #tbt to the mid 2000's when chokers were cool...but I still think they're cool. 

Anyway, on one of my many Pinterest binges, I found Beaded By W, a small, inexpensive Texan jewelry line with tons of beaded choker-style necklaces. 

one | two | three | four | five

These are my five favorite options from the online store. One and four are essentially the same thing, but if you like something, get it in every color. The choker (two) is a little similar to the necklace tutorial I posted over the summer. The horn necklace comes in two lengths, depending on if you want it double wrapped or not. And lastly, the black and gold wrap necklace is quite Wake gameday spirited!


style + illesteva

How many sunglasses is too many sunglasses? There's definitely a limit but I'm not sure I want to be aware of it. My new sunglass obsession (that I have yet to acquire) are by Illesteva. The newly trendy accessories are growing in popularity and it makes sense why; there are so many options, yet they're consistently stylish. My favorite style, Leonard, has the same shape but with various lens and frame colors. 

one | two | three | four

These are my four favorite combinations. The classic Leonard, with grey lens, is a more subtle version (compared to vibrant colors and reflective lenses). I already have a reflective blue pair of Ray Ban aviators, so the reflective green Illesteva's are a fun change. One of my friends has the silver and tortoiseshell pair, and they're just so cool. Lastly, I love the black frame with the violet lens. They're not reflective, which is a nice change from the more popular Illesteva's. 

I'm not a big jewelry person, so sunglasses are my usual way to add something extra to an outfit. Thank goodness it's so sunny outside so I can take advantage of sunglass-wearing opportunities! 


beauty + to chop or not to chop

Okay guys. Here is the problem. We've all been there. Morale is low, in need of a change, and just about any picture on Pinterest could sway my opinions and intentions. We're talking about the inevitable hair boredom. A beauty rut. A lack of inspiration. Unfortunately I get in this phase practically every couple of months. It has sparked my sudden interest in bangs, layers, a bob, mermaid hair...you name it, I've wanted it. 

I have been taking Biotin and Viviscal twice a day for seven months now. My hair has grown three inches in three months, something I have been dreaming of. I have been so good about not using heat products so I can grow my hair out to extreme lengths. But then I saw this picture.

IT'S THE PERFECT CUT. THE PERFECT STYLE. THE PERFECT LENGTH. I could list many other words relating to hair and I would still have the same take-home message: this is perfect. I totally believe that Ashley Benson can do no wrong, and the picture above proves it. I know I'd hate myself if I cut my longer, healthier hair to have this cut...but I'm really very tempted.

I have gone back and forth over the past couple of days about whether or not to make an appointment at the hair salon. Do I make one this weekend? Over Thanksgiving? Christmas? Or not at all? In an effort to take my mind off of the (looming and depressing) job search, I think about more fun things like hair, makeup, and clothes...so I've been thinking about this a lot.

What do y'all think I should do? To chop or not to chop?


style + the suede skirt

Finally did it. Finally got a suede skirt. It's the return of Abercrombie & Fitch, y'all. Long gone are the days of the lace trimmed cami's underneath everything and jeans that only pre-pubescent seventh graders could fit into circa 2007. Their turtlenecks? So comfy. Their dresses? Fall chic. Their skirts? Obsessed.

health + the village juice cleanse

For those of y'all in the Winston-Salem/Greensboro area and are looking to have a fun little healthy adventure, do a cleanse from Village Juice!! Village Juice is a local juicery in Winston Salem. The cleanse consisted of 6 drinks: 3 green juices, 2 fruit and vegetable juices, and one milk. They currently don't have a consistent location, but they do have a juice truck! I picked up my 6 juices from the truck yesterday, and conveniently it was probably 3 minutes away from campus.


places + pilot mountain

Yesterday my friends and I went hiking at Pilot Mountain Park in North Carolina. The last time I went there was more than two years ago, so it had definitely been a while!


lifestyle + dining in

It's Fall Break at Wake Forest, and I have opted to stay in the Winston-Salem area for the glorified three day weekend (in reality, we just get Friday off...so not really a break). Friday I drove to Charlotte to go to the Southpark Mall. Holy LORD y'all it was the best mall I've ever been to. You would think that Fairfield County and Westchester county had better malls! They pail in comparison to the one in Charlotte. I had the whole shopping trip mapped out and I was surprisingly successful everywhere I went! 


style + leopard and lace

In transition weather, I usually resort to a mess of different pieces that only work considering it's 50 degrees in the morning and 75 degrees until night...aka wearing a fall sweater with summer shorts. 

beauty + fun and flirty nighttime eye makeup

Unlike my daytime makeup, whenever I go out at night I like to pile it on...the darker the better. While Naked 2 is great for every day, I prefer the eyeshadow palette's from Too Faced for nighttime. I absolutely love them. 

Isn't this Boudoir Eyes palette pretty? You really could use it for daytime rather than night. I consider a smokey eye my specialty, and I like using Birthday Suit, Garter Belt, French Tickler, and little bit of Sugar Walls. 

This is the Neutral palette. I have green-gold eyes, so I don't like to wear super black smokey eye all the time because it kind of overpowers them. Instead, I prefer a brown smokey eye. Even though it says "day," I like to use Heaven, Velvet Revolver, and a whole lot of Sexpresso for a matte smokey eye. If i want more sparkle, I'll use Silk Teddy and Erotica. These eyeshadow names kill me.

This is the Chanel Charming palette. Unfortunately it's not available anymore, and the only reason I have it is because my mom bought it and ended up disliking it. I, however, love it. I'll use the far left color in the daytime, and then when I go out, I'll put the far left in the outer corner and lower lash line of my eye. It's pretty shimmery so it's not as harsh as a matte smokey eye.

Besides the change in color and amount of eyeshadow, I'll use a black or brown eye pencil on my water line and lower lash line. I'll put on more highlighter (specifically, Watts Up by Benefit) and maybe a little lipliner.


style + finally fall

dress (similar) | boots | sunglasses

I am obsessed with fall. It's so #basic but whatever. I have realized that I cannot live anywhere too far south because I need to have seasons. The clothes are better in the fall and everything is so pretty! I didn't go abroad my junior fall because it's literally the best season at Wake. I've started the job search and have begun applying to jobs, and while I always thought that I would live in the South for the rest of my life, I'm so sick of this 75 degree weather in October. That's not normal. Back to the Northeast for me!!

lifestyle + weekend recap 10/12

Happy Monday! My friends and I did pretty well taking pictures this weekend, so here is a weekend recap. True to form, this weekend at Wake was quite busy. 

Friday night we had a much anticipated annual mixer. It's called "Tight n Bright," so we basically wear all neon. Kinda sad this is my last year to get away dressing like this!

Saturday night was especially cool because Brad Paisley performed on our lower quad! Considering I don't know one Brad Paisley song, I was a little out of the loop, but we were super close to the stage. I really think country artists are so much better live!


beauty + the lob

Now that my hair has grown past the in-between chin and shoulders phase, I am finally in the lob phase. For those of y'all that don't know, the lob is a long bob. I've pretty much had a lob my entire life, and really think it's the easiest hairstyle to maintain. I personally like the lob when it's wavy or curly, because when it's too straight it verges into the dangerous "typical mom hairstyle" territory. 

I personally don't use any heat products on my hair anymore (making strides), but using a flat-iron to make waves is a great way to style a lob. The Beauty Department has great tutorials on how to make beachy looking waves for short hair!


how to wear + ponchos

I used to always make fun of people for ponchos, but I have changed my mind and now am a huge fan! There are some really cute styles out currently, and I think ponchos are perfect for the colder months.

one: poncho | jeans | booties
three: poncho | jeans | boots

Printed Keep it western-inspired. I really like this one from Lucky brand (and happen to own it). It's more like an oversize cardigan that could double as a poncho. Very cozy! I like this option with lighter-wash distressed jeans and booties. Maybe even boyfriend jeans!

Cream Balance out the softness of the cream with leather. I have these leather leggings from Hue and they're great. Can't wait to start wearing them again - it was 80 degrees yesterday and now I'm starting to doubt that fall will ever come. Although I've worn boots with leather leggings, I looooooove these cheetah print slippers. One of my friends has them and I'm obsessed!

Neutrals Black, grey, or camel - these are my main neutrals, and some of the only colors I wear when it gets cold out. Bonus points if it's a turtleneck hybrid. Pair with dark wash skinny jeans and tall boots! My favorite options are Tory riding boots or over the knee black boots. 


lifestyle + parent's weekend recap

This past weekend was Parent's Weekend at Wake Forest, and it was honestly my favorite one so far!

Friday night we went to my favorite restaurant in Winston, Mozelle's. Honestly, if y'all are in there area you have to go and get the tomato pie!!

The Tri Delta auction went great! It was really fun to have all my friends parents together. 

Didn't wear the Free People dress. Considering we were tailgating in a hurricane, it was just a little bit gross and freezing outside. NEXT GAME I WILL WEAR IT. Instead, I wore a Madewell turtleneck, Lululemon leggings, and the J. Crew field jacket. 

This was the first game this year where I actually went into the football stadium (haha). We ended up losing but not horribly, so at least we're improving! My parents and I went to dinner afterwards and brunch on Sunday morning, and then left that afternoon. It was so much fun and I'm sad it's the last Parent's Weekend I have in college!


health + pure barre review

I always fall out of a vigorous workout routine when I go back to school, and since it's October now (side note, it's October? How did that happen so quickly?) and I'm used to my schedule, I thought that I should amp up my exercise to return to my summer routine. 

While living in the New York area has its perks with the amount of great workout places I can go to (Soul Cycle, for example), Winston-Salem has its own surprises. We have a Pure Barre literally one minute away from campus (walking distance...more steps for Fitbit!), and I took my first class last Wednesday to see if I was interested.

One of my sorority sisters actually works at this Pure Barre, so she suggested that we go together. Everyone was so friendly when I walked in; they all knew my name (since I was newly signed up), gave me advice for my first class, and got me all set up and ready to go when I got in the studio.

I'll preface this review by saying this: I am in fairly good shape. I could squat for hours, I'm a good runner, and I pride myself on being able to do pretty much any leg or butt exercise without putting in much effort. That being said, Pure Barre kicked my ass. The little movements? Dear Lord. All the pulsing and tucking, I thought my body was going to burn off. I really liked the workout I got from it, for I was instantly sore after I left the class, but I also liked that I didn't sweat much in it. Now I know why half the girls at Wake go to Pure Barre and then class immediately after!

I didn't really feel that behind in the class, even though everyone had previously taken the class and understood the flow and knew generally what was going to happen. The teacher was super encouraging and helped me when I needed it.

Since Wednesday, I took a class before my parents arrived on Friday, took another class yesterday and have one scheduled for this afternoon. I'm hooked. I just hope my body reacts well to this new exercise! TBH I don't know how it couldn't, you basically feel tighter and more toned seconds after you finish each exercise!

Have y'all taken a Pure Barre class? What do you think?


what i'm wearing + parents weekend

I am so so so so so excited because this weekend is Parent's Weekend!! Quite sad that it's my last one, but I'm glad my parents get the chance to visit me for a couple of days. They get here this afternoon, and we have lots of things planned for the weekend. 

Tonight is my sorority's annual Parent's Weekend Auction which benefits St. Jude. It's nice for my parents to get the chance to meet my friend's parents, as well as supporting such a great cause.  

Saturday we have a football game against FSU...definitely won't win that one (let's be real here), but the tailgate will be fun!

sorority auction | football game

Isn't this romper cute? Urban Outfitters has some surprising really flattering and stylish items. I'm a big fan of rompers, and I like that this is backless without being too revealing. Don't know what shoes I'm wearing yet, considering it's supposed to rain again.

The second outfit might look a little familiar. Considering last weekend I didn't get the chance to wear the Free People dress, I'm going to wear it to tomorrow's game! It's supposed to rain again, but it wasn't that bad last weekend so I have full faith that I can handle it.

Can't wait to get to eat off campus (that's not sushi or Panera) and see my parents! The goal is to get pictures with my family. For some reason, we never get pictures when we're together! But this time I'm determined and it's literally our last time until graduation (#nervousbutexcited) to get cute pictures!


style + must have fall skirts

I have to admit, I don't wear skirts. Like at all. It's weird. I am convinced that all skirt look weird on my body (which is a very broad, irrational claim), so I haven't worn a skirt basically since I worked at Lilly Pulitzer...three summers ago. Unfortunately for my self image but fortunately for my fall wardrobe, there is a crazy amount of freaking adorable skirts out right now. Specifically, from Madewell and Abercrombie. 

Madewell is one of my favorite brands, especially for fall (have you seen their turtlenecks?). J. Crew is boring me and I honestly haven't found something I've liked there in a long time. So basically, they've been replaced by Madewell in my mind, and I don't hate it. Guys, Abercrombie is making a comeback, I can feel it. They have a ton on their website that is on my wishlist right now. That hasn't happened since like...7th grade. Regardless, here are my favorite skirts for fall from Madewell and Abercrombie & Fitch!

one | two | three | four

Plaid Skirt Walk into my house, you'll be hit by plaid. I love it. My family has an innate attraction to anything Scottish/British/Ralph Lauren-esque so this plaid skirt from Madewell immediately caught my eye. This could be really cute with a chambray shirt and black tights. 

Suede Skirt Now from A&F, the suede skirt. I've also found some cute options on Revolve (see my fall style guide post) but I like how this is swingy. Suede skirts are very in right now. I like it.

Leather Skirt I like leather, I think it's hot, and worn appropriately, can look quite chic. Madewell has this asymmetrical leather skirt that would look so cool with a fitted black turtleneck. IT'S JUST SO COOL.

Herringbone Skirt This is really similar to my grey uniform kilt that I wore from grades five through twelve, so understandably it brings me back. Like the suede skirt, it's pretty swingy and would look great with riding boots! 

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