style + the leopard coat

I don't care if this is too much. I have fallen in love with a coat.

Worn wrong, this coat could potentially look like a pimp. That is definitely not the goal. But, worn correctly, you could look like Serena van der Woodsen circa the original Thanksgiving episode ("Oh no! Pie!"). Or Kate Moss. Either one is ideal.

I love leopard. Every couple of weeks, a new leopard item finds it's way into my room. I'm a true believer that it can look chic and not tacky (again, worn correctly). I found this coat on ASOS, and I fully intend on buying this. Having been wanting a coat like this for actual years, I believe I should take full advantage of this opportunity and snag this perfectly sassy and amazing coat.

The way I look at it, why be boring? Why wear an all black outfit when you could wear an all black outfit with this on top? I am a huge supporter of the statement piece, and the brighter the better. Life's too short to be worrying about having people look at you. It's better to be a little ridiculous than bland, in my opinion. And if being ridiculous means wearing this coat, then count me in.


lifestyle + homecoming recap

This weekend was Wake Forest Homecoming, and I had the best time!

Every Thursday most Wake students go to a local bar super close to campus, and this week was fun because a lot of alumni had already come for the weekend. It was great to see graduates that I miss!

Friday night we had President's Ball, which was actually really enjoyable. I stayed an hour or two, and it was great to be able to dress up instead of just wearing a casual outfit to a frat party.

Apologies for the extremely rough picture, but this is literally the only one I got from the football game! It was pouring all day (so I didn't end up wearing my Free People dress...saving that for next week!) and was a pretty rowdy tailgate in general. T-minus 4 days until the Parent's Weekend tailgate!

All in all, I had a great weekend with alumni and can't believe that will be me next year!


beauty + prime time

I'm trying to perfect my makeup routine and have been trying out primers to make everything last longer. Ideally I would do my makeup in the morning and not have to reapply anything the rest of the day, and through the use of primers that can (almost) come true!

onetwo | three

If I'm not wearing any eyeshadow, I'll just wear Benefit's Stay Don't Stray. I kind of use it as a concealer, but it stays on for a crazy long time. I've been using this stuff for years and I love it. 

I just bought the Baby Skin Pore Eraser from Maybelline a week or two ago and I really like it! It's definitely the more affordable version of the Porefessional by Benefit. It smooths skin and can be worn alone or as a primer underneath foundation. 

Lastly, the best eyeshadow primer in the entire world is Urban Decay's Primer Potion. This product is the absolute #1, best working primer ever. If I put it on before I go out, my eye makeup stays on all night!!


style + fall style guide

Fall clothes give me life. Fall clothes are my thing. The weather in North Carolina can be 50 one day and 75 the next, so I have to tread carefully, but look at what goodies I can look forward to!!

 one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven |  twelve

70s inspired dress Everything this current season is an nod to the seventies, and I am a huge fan. I have picked up some retro dresses myself, and I think when paired with tights and boots, they could look really good! ASOS and Revolve have some great options.

Fur Vest I will always wear fur vests because they will always be my thing. My favorite is from C. Orrico (shown above), but Jack by BB Dakota has a really great version as well. 

Poncho I always make fun of my mother for wanting to wear ponchos, but I am eating my words because the option (number three shown above) is so freaking awesome I can't knock ponchos anymore. Bonus points for being a turtleneck. Even more bonus points if it's western-plaid inspired. 

Booties Finally cold enough to wear booties. Thank God.

Turtleneck My best friend and I started "Turtleneck Tuesday" last year and we fully intend on bringing it back this season. Literally t-necks are the best. Get them tight and wear them with a suede skirt. Get them huge and chunky with leggings and OTK boots. Wear a turtleneck dress. Channel Britney Spears and get a turtleneck crop top...or maybe not.

LBD Not gonna lie, Abercrombie & Fitch low-key has some pretty cute stuff. I know that most of us retired the A&F uniform circa 2007, but my BFF and I stopped by in the store randomly and actually found really cute things!! I #noshame looove this lace dress. It's a perfect LBD without being super boring. Everyone loves a throwback. Might as well pick up a really cute dress while you're at it.

Peacoat J. Crew is the be all end all for fall coats in my mind. It's always my go-to place when I need to retire an old coat and am looking for something classic and simple. Love the peacoat shown above. It's hard to choose a color because there are so many great options!

Suede Skirt Didn't expect I would like these as much as I do...but like how cute is this skirt???? Unfortunately it's sold out on Revolve, but I just signed up for the "notify me" list so hopefully it comes back soon! Wear with a turtleck, plaid shirt, flowy blouse......literally yes I love it I need it. 

Sunglasses Reflective colored lenses are so fetch right now. 

Over the knee boots Finally ordered the 5050 boots. Sent them back to get them in a bigger size because 1. Holy lord they're tight and 2. It was suggested to get a half size smaller, DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS. Yes they might fit your foot, but you have to put them on to the point where your foot fits in it first......anyway quite excited to receive them again, updates to follow. Doesn't change the fact over the knee boots are bae and look great and betchy with everything.

Riding Boots Stay classy, wear riding boots. Tory Burch is my fave, Madewell and J. Crew have cute alternatives. Hard to find non-expensive ones, TBH. 

Barbour Coat My go-to coat. Also the official uniform of the Wake Forest student (sad but true). 


what i'm wearing + homecoming

This weekend is going to be CRAZY fun. I'm quite excited because it's homecoming. Now that I'm a senior and I actually have older friends who can come back for the weekend, I can't wait to celebrate with everyone!! 

There are two major events that happen at Wake Forest during homecoming weekend. Every other year there's a huge party called President's Ball. We have it in our basketball coliseum, and literally everyone from undergrads to law students to grad students can go. I went my sophomore year and unfortunately ended up staying only 10 minutes...Lord only knows why, but I'm actually intending on actually staying longer this year!

The second event is the football game tomorrow. We're playing Indiana (not that it matters due to the fact I really never go into the stadium), but I'm excited for the tailgate!

I'm wearing an ASOS dress to President's Ball. I didn't really want to wear something flashy to this event (shocking) and I'm trying to save money (haha) so I didn't want to buy a new dress. I got this dress a couple of years ago and it has never done me wrong! It's really flattering and is simple without being boring. I'll probably be wearing hoops (why mess with a good thing) and gold strappy heels along with the dress.

My second dress is for the football game. I really wanted to wear it to the Parents Weekend tailgate in a week, but considering it's supposed to be 60 degrees and raining, I didn't really want to be freezing in a tiny dress. Fingers crossed for some decent pictures!


beauty + fall nails

IT'S FINALLY FEELING LIKE FALL I'M SO SO SO EXCITED. As much as I love the warmer months, fall is my season. Literally, give me jeans, boots, and a turtleneck and I'm all set. I crave dark, fall nails all year along, but since it's seasonally inappropriate to have navy nails in the middle of June, I've had to hold off on going for darker colors. But, I'm finally getting my nails done today (there are tons of huge events going on in the next couple of weeks and I don't want to have ratchet looking nails anymore), and the color-picking decision is tricky. I am a fan of gel nails, so I won't have the exact color shown above, but those are definitely my top five favorite colors for fall.

Dark red is my go-to color. I also like a dark navy and almost black grayish color (like Bobbing for looks different when its on your nails). With gel color, you have it for three weeks, so why not try a new color every time?


lifestyle + date function recap

Friday night was my sorority's first date function of the year! The theme was Tri Dye, which was pretty loosely interpreted as hippie themed. It was a ton of fun and I can't wait for the next date function in October!


organization + my desk

My desk is always a tricky part of my dorm room organization. Freshman and sophomore year my desk always started off as organized and clean, but by second semester it became crazy messy. Last year I had a ton of knick-knacks on my desk, so it looked more fun rather than cluttered. However, this year I embraced minimalism and cut back on most of the items I usually put on my desk.

Not gonna lie, I've never used my desk for doing work. The chairs aren't very comfortable, and I'd rather do work on my bed or in my sorority's lounge. Instead, I use my desk for doing my hair and makeup because #basic. 

I used to have a trillion cups on my desk, but I've cut it back to two wine glasses, my pineapple cup, and a shot glass or two. My other fun cups are in the bottom drawer of my desk. 

I bought this makeup organizer at Amazon last year. It holds the perfect amount of makeup, and it keeps me very organized. I have my favorite lotions next to it, and all my brushes in a pot. 

I put my everyday hair products on my second shelf, and all my others are in a basket in my closet. I have so many that it would look really messy if I put them all on my desk. In an effort to cut back on spending money, I bought my own nail polish so I can paint my nails myself.

My rings and bracelets are on my elephant organizer that I bought from home. I really don't wear much jewelry at all so it's really convenient I can fit everything in one place. 

My top drawer holds random items, like sharpies, chargers, and tape. 

My other top drawer has all the beauty and toiletry products that I don't want on my desk. Viviscal, Biotin, makeup removing's all there.

My second drawer has duplicate items.

My third drawer is where I keep all my food. I try not to have unhealthy food in my room (I will find it and I will eat all of it), so right now I just have Skinny Pop and Kind granola. I also have a plate, bowl, and silverware from Ikea.


style + the best workout shorts ever

I literally cannot say enough good things about these shorts. Not kidding, go straight Lululemon and buy the Four Way Stretch Speed Shorts. They're perfect. I'm obsessed with them. They're a classic Lulu material in the most flattering short-shorts ever. If any of y'all followed my previous blog, you know how much of a fan I was of the Nike Tempo Track Shorts. I wore them no matter what when I worked out. But, last fall I bought the speed shorts and I've never looked back. They're much more comfortable when working out, and the waistband makes you feel more "protected" rather than shamed if you are feeling a little bloated one day. My favorite pair are the classic black, and I'm tempted to buy more than one pair of them because I wear them so much!!


beauty + thoughts on the middle part

I have had the same deep side part for my entire life. I know it's flattering, I know it's reliable, and I know my hair is going to look the same every single day. However, I have parted it in the middle for a couple of occasions now and I can't decide how I feel. You know when you change something about your appearance so you get paranoid and feel like everyone else notices it, too? That's me. Only my best friend noticed I changed the part of my hair (because let's be real, there are more important things in the world).

Anyway, I love the way the middle part looks on everyone else and I think it's a way to look cool and edgy without really trying too hard. I definitely felt edgier when I wore it...that may have been delusion, but I digress. I have a hippie-themed date function on Friday, so maybe I'll bust out my comb and change my part again.

Do y'all have any thoughts on the middle part? Let me know!


style + what to wear to sorority formal

Even though I have until November to find a dress for formal, it's always fun to start the search. I have worn pretty much every style of dress you can possibly wear to my previous formals (high neck, one shoulder, strapless, low-cut, embellished...) because why not switch it up!?

one | two | three | four | five

I usually wear darker colors to fall formal. There's a quote on Pinterest that says "I'll stop wearing black when there's a darker color." This directly applies to my entire fall/winter wardrobe. In spring I'll wear neon and really bright colors, but I'll break out the black long-sleeved dresses in November. That leads me to another favorite. Long sleeve dresses. I think that long-sleeved short dresses are the absolute best. My friend just gave me a new dress with embellished long sleeves and it's so cute. Potential formal dress??

I've also been a fan of the high-neck lately. Dress number five (shown above) is so freaking awesome, I think it's so cool!! I may not want to get it though, I've already got a few high-neck dresses lined up for events this semester.

For the college girls out there, what types of dresses are y'all shopping for for formal? 


favorites + blogs

Every morning when I'm eating breakfast, I read my daily blogs. This list has been fine tuned over the past couple of years, and is always open to new additions.

Into the Gloss Okay, throwback time. Remember in the first season of the Hills when Lauren and Whitney have to encounter the "super-intern" Emily? Well, Into the Gloss is Emily's brainchild! 

Byrdie I really do think I prefer beauty to style. Byrdie is a beauty blog dedicated to supermodel and celebrity hair, makeup, health, and skincare.

Mane Addicts For the haircare lover.

A Bikini A Day Natasha Oakely and Devin Brugman are leading my dream life. They literally travel the world as bikini models. Come on. ABAD includes articles on health, beauty, and vacation and travel tips.

Natasha Oakley An extension of A Bikini A Day is Natasha's own personal blog. This girl is perfect. 

The Coveteur Kind of an Into the Gloss part 2. 

The Beauty Department Lauren Conrad and her hairstylist, Kristin Ess, started this blog a couple of years ago. Since LC and Kristin inspired me to get 6+ inches cut off my hair in January, I think I kind of like their posts.

Gal Meets Glam I've seen Julia Engel's pictures on Pinterest for a while now and I can say I'm a devout follower!! She just got back from Mykonos and I am so so jealous, major wanderlust now!

Harper and Harley I think Australians have it in their genes to be great lifestyle bloggers. 

Gritty Pretty Half webzine, half blog. 

Mrs. Lilien I want Mrs. Lilien to come and teach me everything she knows about graphic design. Unreal. 

Who What Wear Like Byrdie, but for style.

What blogs do y'all read?


style + what to bring in your going out purse

While I still go to frat parties, my age group is making the transition to going to bars instead of dancing it out in a gross basement. The parties at my college are really casual, so I'm usually in theme or wearing denim shorts. Now that I actually have to grow up and make myself look presentable, I get the chance to dress up a little more and bring a purse to bars! Here are my essentials for what to pack in your going-out bag.

one | two | three | four | five

Not a shocker that I chose this Rebecca Minkoff bag (considering I've been lusting over all her crossbody's for the past year or two). Crossbodies are the best for going out because I never really feel nervous that I'm going to lose them. 

Choose a small wallet to actually fit in the crossbody. Include your debit card, ID, some cash and student ID (if you're still in college).

I just started to wear lipgloss again, and my favorite is the Buxom lip polish. It makes your lips feel all tingly because it (supposedly) has lip-plumping abilities. I also bring a rollerball of my favorite perfume (Acqua di Gio...the best) in case I need to freshen up. Also, gum or tic-tacs are life savers!

Never ever forget a fully charged cell phone. Optional: portable charger. There is nothing worse than losing your battery while you're out!!


what to wear + boyfriend jeans

At the end of the summer I bought AG Adriano Goldshmied boyfriend jeans and I love them. They're crazy comfortable and a nice option if you're not really feeling tight skinny jeans. I've been thinking of different ways to wear them, instead of just with a v-neck tee. 

two: shirtjeans | flats
three: topjeans | heels

Transition into fall Turtleneck season is soon (thank the good Lord) and I'm obsessed with this option from Faithfull the Brand. A slightly cropped sweater and whimsical slippers pair nicely with boyfriend jeans.

Borrowed from the boys Pretty much any top from Madewell looks good with boyfriend jeans. A button down is a really nice option with darker wash jeans (so you don't look all light blue).

For going out If you want to wear boyfriend jeans when you go out, find a slinky silk cami and heels. Revolve has a full cami section on their website right now that has such cute picks!


style + sheila fajl

A very popular trend at my college is to wear Sheila Fajl earrings to most occasions. She is a jewelry designer who is known most for her hoop earrings. Considering I am a hoop earring fanatic (if I'm not wearing pearls, I'm wearing hoops), I jumped on the Sheila Fajl train. 

I have the Everybody's Favorite hoops, and I think they're the perfect size and width. I usually go for larger hoops, but these are just your standard classic. My mom has the Celine hoops, which are smaller with a ridge down the middle of the hoop. Lastly, the Liana hoops are larger and thinner than the Everybody's Favorite. 

I like these earrings because they are an elevated hoop. Usually I go to Old Navy or Claire's to find cheap gold hoops (they sometimes fall out of my ears when I go out so I never pay a lot of money for each pair). However, I like wearing Sheila Fajl earrings to nicer occasions.


style + how to wear a bralette

I have a couple of bralettes, and they've actually come in handy in multiple occasions. My favorite are from Free People, but places like Nordstrom and Forever 21 have great alternatives.

If you really like a dress or romper, but it's just a bit too revealing for an everyday occasion, a lacy bralette is a great option to cover up while staying stylish. I love the deep plunging long sleeve rompers, but let's be real - that requires a lot of boob tape or great genetics. If you're not ready to take the plunge (literally) go for a bralette. 

I have a backless tank top that is a little bit to tricky to wear without something underneath it. The back of this Free People bralette is so cool and can be worn under so many things!


style + what's in my tote bag

I've been carrying a tote bag (instead of a backpack) with me since I was probably in sixth or seventh grade. I try not to keep it too cluttered - I'm a fairly messy person at heart - so I like to keep just the essentials in my bag at all times.

Agenda Finally ordered one. I looked at a bunch of other brands that carried planners, but common sense prevents me from ordering one that is more than $50, so I went with the striped Kate Spade agenda. Love it, finally feel organized.

Notebooks Because I actually have to go to class.

Water Bottle Water flushes out fat so drink a lot of it! My internship this summer provided all interns with a new 27 oz. water bottle, so I've gotten in the habit of carrying it with me wherever I go. 

Laptop + Chargers Always need this with me, even when I'm not taking notes on it in class. 

Sunglasses It's still summer weather down south so sunglasses are necessary!

Emergency bag This includes hair clips, bobby pins, ponytail holders, a perfume rollerball, gum, chapstick, tampons...anything that you'll probably forget but definitely need at some point or another.

Wallet, Keys The necessary items.

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