lifestyle + orientation recap

The past week has been totally crazy. After moving in last Saturday, it has been nonstop class, back to school events and parties to keep me occupied! 

Tuesday was my last first day of school. Definitely weird that I won't be going to school in 8 months!


style + what to wear to a tailgate

The first football game and tailgate of the year is on Thursday, and I cannot wait to get to have fun with my friends! Gameday in the south is a pretty big deal, especially at college's like mine where people dress up for each game. Our campus' style as a whole has definitely shifted from wearing Lilly Pulitzer dresses to Free People dresses for each gameday. Not very original but our pictures are always on point! Here are some of my favorite options to wear for gameday this year.

one | two | three | four | five | six

I'll be wearing option one on Thursday! What do y'all wear to your school's football games? 


style + fall boot essentials

As much as I love my summer clothes, I cannot wait until it starts to get cold outside! Fall is my favorite season, especially for style. One of my favorite fall staples is a good pair of boots. Here are the four essential boots for all your fall outfits. 

Over-the-knee boots I have my eye on the 5050 boots specifically, but a good black OTK boot is great when paired with skinny jeans or black leggings. 

Riding boots Whether it be J. Crew, Madewell or Tory Burch, there are definitely some good options for a pair of brown riding boots. These are the classic preppy boot, and I can say I've had my fair share of these!

Tan booties Booties are great because they can be worn in all seasons with a variety of outfits. I just got the tan booties from Splendid and I can't wait to get to wear them! Tan booties are nice for the transition to fall. Also check out options from Jeffery Campbell.

Black booties Last summer I bought the Newbury Boot from Rag & Bone on super sale and it was one of the best purchases I've ever made. I wear them with EVERYTHING. 


lifestyle + my senior year dorm room

Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of consistent posting, it's been quite busy actually! I drove to school for my last year of college last Friday and moved into my dorm room on Saturday. Can't believe that this is my last time around before entering the real world! 

I'm living in a single on campus, but my suite is full of my sorority sisters. I love love love love LOVE my new room! I feel so adult in it. It was a series in trial and error, but my parents and I hung up white Christmas lights around the top of the room. I hate the normal lighting of dorm rooms, so it's so much prettier and softer with the Christmas lights.

I bought new bedding and decorating accessories at the beginning of the summer. My old dorm stuff is all pink and green, and I wanted to switch it up for something a little bit more subtle. The comforter and pillows are from Home Goods, and the faux fur blanket is from Restoration Hardwear. 

My dad built a bookcase on move in day, and I definitely think it makes the room a little less dorm-y. The baskets are from Home Goods (literally the best place, I think half of the things in my room are from there), and my mom painted the initials with the color scheme from the room. We also went to Ikea and bought the gold lamp and the plant. Also, it's not allowed, but I have a candle from Anthropologie......the best smelling candle in the entire world. 

Everyone living on campus gets a bed, mirror, desk and chair, microwave and fridge/freezer, and dresser (which I put in the closet). I don't use my desk for studying (I try not to do work in my room), so it's more like a vanity desk. The two top drawers are toiletries and extra products, and the big bottom drawer is food and cups. 

I also brought a chair from home. It's ridiculously comfortable and the colors happened to match with the rest of the room!

My roommate and I last year had a TV in our room, but we literally didn't set it up the entire year. So, my dad set it up with cable and now I have a working TV finally! I have a dehumidifier (the dorm rooms basically have a different climate from the rest of the world), French Bulldog bookends, and all my makeup products on the desk as well.

I LOVE MY CLOSET I'M SO HAPPY IT'S SO BIG. Everyone has a closet this size, but I've always had a roommate so I've had to share it. Now I have it all to myself!! I bought the laundry hamper from Target I think. I don't want my room to look too cluttered, so I put hair products and my flatiron/curling irons/blowdryer in baskets on the top of my dresser. I'm still trying to figure out where to put my sweaters, so they're currently just at the top shelves of the closet. 

Yesterday I color organized my tops (the left half of the hangers) and my dresses (the right half). I have bras/undies, tees, shorts, jeans, and sweatshirts in the dresser.

Underneath my bed I have some more storage. Shoes and theme party costumes are on the left, t-shirts are in the middle, and athletic shorts and leggings on the right. 

It's going to be a good year!!


beauty + wen

I've been using Wen on and off for about a year and I can honestly say it has significantly improved the health of my hair. When I used it last summer, my hair health was crazy good, and it grew a lot faster than when I used regular shampoo. 

I definitely don't use as much product as the label says to...20 pumps? That's a crazy amount! I use about 5 and it's all I need.

I buy it from Sephora rather than from the websites or commercials. You can buy the cleansing conditioner singularly, or in a boxed set with the Replenishing Treatment Mist and the Intensive Hair Treatment. I've already posted about how much I love the deep conditioner, so I prefer buying the boxed set.


health + green and tonic

Love me some healthy juices. I just started going to Green & Tonic in New Canaan, CT recently and I love it! Unfortunately my favorite juicery is in North Carolina and doesn't ship, so when I'm home for the summer I have to find other places to try out. 

They have a large assortment of juices and smoothies, as well as salads, wraps, and quinoa bowls. My  favorite juices are Daily Detox and Fireball, and my favorite smoothie is Green Guru. I always feel so much better when I have one of Green & Tonic's drinks!

Green & Tonic also has locations in Greenwich, Darien, and Cos Cob (all in Connecticut). 


lifestyle + birthday bash

On Saturday I took the the train into the city for the final time this summer to celebrate my friend's birthday. 

We went to the Met for a couple of hours. It was really nice to go because I hadn't visited since I was in high school. Three hours goes by so quickly when you're in there!

Next, we ate Shake Shack and cupcakes in Central Park.

We stayed in the park for a couple of hours, then walked around Midtown and ended up in Bryant Park for a few more hours. I don't think I've ever walked so much in one day (23,000 steps to be exact, thanks fitbit). To regain our strength we went down to SoHo and had a great Italian dinner to finish up the day.

Pretty sure you could put cheese on anything and I would eat it. 

My friends were staying in the city so I left them to get back home! Hello Grand Central!


beauty + daily hair products

Throughout years of trying new beauty products, I've pretty much narrowed my favorite products down to a couple of different categories. The first, and frankly most important, is what I use every day when I get out of the shower. 

Since I cut my hair in January and stopped using heat products, I've significantly decreased the amount of hair products that I use. I don't need heat protectant anymore, nor tons of different split-end blockers. Instead, I have three main products to use everyday. 

Moroccan Oil You cannot go wrong with this classic. A couple drops from mid-shaft to tips keeps hair shiny and healthy. 

Caviar Repair Lengthening Started using this last fall and I really, really like it. Apply one pump to your scalp to keep your roots healthy!

Organix Coconut Milk This anti-breakage serum smells so incredibly good and really works. Be careful not to use too's pretty heavy. 


how to + resumes

I'm psycho about wanting my resume to look perfect. I know it matters what the resume is actually saying, but that doesn't mean it needs to look boring. I found a ton of design inspiration via Pinterest, and ended up just making a few of my own.

Making all of these templates was honestly really easy and didn't really require that much effort. Open Microsoft Word, and instead of just a regular document, open a Word Publishing Layout. I downloaded a few free fonts online, and made a series of text boxes in different arrangements!

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