what to wear + holiday parties

Deepest apologies for not posting in over a week! Between finals, end of the semester parties, and just daily life, I've been pretty booked. I had my last college party of 2015 on Friday night (cue tears) and now I'm just studying for my final exams. Back home on Friday, meaning more free time to write for Whimsical Charm!

Now that it's officially the holiday season, we can start worrying about what to wear to all sorts of holiday parties. I am on the hunt for a New Years Eve dress currently (post in the works), and I'm unsure of how many/what Christmas parties I'll be attending at home. Here are my favorite Christmas-y outfits to wear this season. 

one | two | three | four [top, skirt] | five | six

Best to stick to the four main colors: black, gold, red, and green. Darker is better, sequins are everything, and don't be afraid to throw on some tights. 

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