style + the printed turtleneck

Happy Turtleneck Tuesday everyone! I'm getting my license picture retaken today (thank the good Lord, there's been a drastic change in my appearance from ages sixteen to almost-twenty two), so fingers crossed it turns out well. Knowing me, I'll probably wear a turtleneck in my picture! One of my favorite t-necks ever is this printed Madewell one that I have on for this post. I wear it at least once a week. Check out more photos after the jump!


beauty + best of eyebrows

Eyebrows are my favorite thing to do when applying my makeup, nowadays. I was recently looking at pictures from last year and I was thrown off because my eyebrows were literally nonexistent. You wouldn't really think such an easy thing to do would make such a difference! I have played around with various eyebrow products and I think I've found my favorites to make my makeup routine complete.

one | two | three | four | five | six

My ultimate favorite product is Gimme Brow by Benefit. At the very least, I'll apply this.

I just got Dipbrow by Anastasia Beverly Hills and I am never turning back. It's super easy to apply and really does last all day long.

A brow powder, like the option shown by Two Faced above, is great if you're trying to make a more natural statement.

I'm not the biggest fan of brow pencils, but if it's by Anastasia it's bound to be amazing.

If you're just going for a natural look, without filling your eyebrows in, a clear brow gel works wonders.

I get my eyebrows waxed probably once every eight to ten weeks (I really don't have unruly brows at all), but a pair of Tweezerman tweezers goes a long way. 


lifestyle + christmas recap

Hi everyone! I hope y'alls Christmas was great yesterday. I just finished a workout and it did not go well considering how much I ate and didn't move on Christmas day. Here are a some pictures of my day after the jump!


lifestyle + christmas party recap

Last night my high school friend group and I had a reunion mini-party for Christmas eve-eve. We usually have some kind of reunion around Thanksgiving or Christmas since we all go to different colleges around the country. There's nothing that cures lost time like Chinese food and wine!

Read more and see pictures after the jump!


what to wear + day trip to nyc

Today I am heading back into the city to see my little!!!!!!!! She abandoned me to spend a semester in Europe (I hope it was worth it), so finally today is the day that we will be reunited.

The city is always tricky to navigate, especially in the holiday season, especially with what to wear. My mother and I used to take an annual trip to NY before Christmas, and we would always be bundled up because it's usually so cold. 

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your preference for weather, it's unseasonably warm in the northeast. Supposed to be 60 degrees in the city today, literally what is going on. So, while I might usually be wearing a big coat with full weather-accessory getup (scarf, gloves, hat), I'm probably going to opt for a warm sweater instead of a jacket. Here are some of my favorite options to wear to the city.

holidays + favorite christmas movies

T-minus 4 days until Christmas! Now that we're getting so close to the actual day, my family has ramped up the amount of holiday-themed movies we've been watching. Here are my top ten favorite Christmas movies for the season.


how to wear + over the knee boots

If I had to wear a specific type of shoe for the rest of my life, it would be boots. Heeled, flat, wedge, short, tall, I love them all. As of late, I've been really into over the knee boots. They add an instant chic factor to any outfit, whether I'm lounging around my house or going out with friends.

Still on the hunt for a good sweater dress. One of my online obsessions is this turtleneck dress from Revolve. When a hemline is short, the boot length should be my opinion. I actually just bought these boots from ASOS and I am very much enjoying them. Heeled tall boots are really fun and extremely sassy. Channel your inner Gigi Hadid and pair this ensemble with a belted black coat.

An oversize sweater (preferably cable knit), fall-inspired scarf (look at Madewell for the perfect plaid scarf) and comfortable skinny jeans (my favorites are AG or Seven) are a classic fall outfit made even more perfect with a pair of OTK boots. To stray from my black go-to's, I chose a pair of tan Stuart Weitzman suede boots. To me, Stuart Weitzman is the best place for OTK boots. Unfortunately, they're a wee bit pricey, so invest well. 

I bought the leather 5050 boots in the beginning of the fall season, and they're truly a pair of shoes to wear for years. They're unexpectedly comfortable, and I actually wear them quite a lot. When I have sorority chapter on Monday nights, I usually pair a skirt/sweater or dress (like this great option from BB Dakota) with the 5050 boots. If it's cold, wear tights, if not, bare legs are fine too. 

I wear OTK boots a lot when I'm going to bars. I'm crazy obsessed with ASOS and all their going out tops (actually really eyeing the one shown in the collage above). Keep it cool by wearing black jeans and then spice it up with heeled grey-tan boots. Again with the heel! These are Stuart Weitzman, so quite expensive, but ASOS has a nice alternative as well. 


travel + what to do in NYC during the holiday season

9 days until Christmas! I never used to be a big fan of New York City, but in the past year it has actually quite grown on me. From visiting my little many times over the summer, to the recent career trek I went on with my college earlier this week, I've begun to really like the city. Monday and Tuesday I pulled into Grand Central at 6:30 and 7:30 am, respectively, and I absolutely fell in love with NYC in the morning. So much better than when it's too crowded! It did help that it's been unseasonably warm the past couple of days...I love chillier weather but dear Lord when it's freezing and walking around the city, it's miserable

That being said, if y'all have the chance, you must go to New York for the holiday season. Yes tourists are flooding the streets, but everyone is so happy and it's just so pretty! There are definitely some must-see spots to visit during the holiday season.

Rockefeller Center This is a no-brainer. I took the picture shown above yesterday morning (at a lovely 7:45 am) and I think it says it all. HOW PERFECT IS IT? It was great going early because it was me and three other people taking pictures of the tree, instead of the usual hundreds crowding around. If you're looking for the ideal NYC Christmas picture, head to Rock Center. There's also the ice-skating rink and really good shopping around the area.

Rockettes I haven't seen the Christmas show at Radio City since I was eleven, but if you're in town it's an easy festive go-to. The show is always a great time, and it's the perfect Midtown location.

Bryant Park's Winter Village I walked past Bryant Park on Monday but I didn't actually go into this "Winter Village." Right behind the New York Public Library is a huge pop-up ice skating rink, lounge & bar, restaurant, and boutique shopping area just for the holiday season. Also a super easy location to get to!

Times Square This is more applicable when it get's closer to New Year's Eve, but Times Square is a lot of fun if you're really into a lot of people. There is so much going on that it's hard to stay focused, but Times Square is one of the classic NY sites. I actually went to Times Square quite a lot earlier this week, and again, it's much better the earlier you go. I've never seen the ball drop live, however...don't really think I'm up for that. 

Window Shopping Not one event, but still interesting all the same. NYC shops go all-out for the holiday season. Check out Tiffany's, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdales...basically you could walk Madison and Fifth and see really cool Christmas decorations.

I'll be heading back into New York City next Tuesday to do Christmas-themed things with my little. Can't wait!


beauty + fall/winter makeup routine

I really, really enjoy putting on my makeup (I'm frequently doing my friends makeup for events as well) so it's always fun to transition from summer to fall makeup. Here is my current routine!

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine

First, I'll start with the Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Primer. I love it. Sometimes I'll just wear this and no foundation/BB cream. I'll then apply the Garnier BB cream (my absolute favorite). I'm using this instead of a foundation because I miss seeing my freckles! The eye primer I'm using now is Air Patrol by Benefit. I like it, don't love it, so I'm currently in between a couple of eye-priming products. My favorite concealer of the moment is from Maybelline because it's super light and doesn't look cakey at all. 

Next is brows. Love doing my eyebrows. It's my new favorite thing to do. I'll fill them in using the color "Tease" from the Naked 2 palette, and then set them with the Gimme Brow gel from Benefit. If I'm wearing eyeshadow, I'll typically stay with the Naked 2 palette. I apply probably 5 layers of mascara (Bad Gal Lash is the best BUT I'm looking for a new mascara so please comment with y'alls favorites!!!), and sometimes I'll wear either black eyeshadow as a liner (from Naked 2), dark green eyeliner from L'Oreal, or brown eyeliner. 

I don't really wear blush, just bronzer! I love Sun Bunny from Too Faced. And that's my every day makeup look! 


lifestyle + my bedroom

Hello everyone! I am back up North for the next three weeks (half happy cause I can relax, half happy cause I'm dying inside that I have one more semester left of college) and I'm quite excited for Christmas break. I spent a ridiculous amount of time studying for finals, and then spent 10 hours driving I think I'm ready to relax. I plan on spending the next few weeks having a much needed detox.  

I haven't had the chance to show y'all my room in Connecticut yet, so here are some pictures!

Check out more pics after the jump!


what to wear + holiday parties

Deepest apologies for not posting in over a week! Between finals, end of the semester parties, and just daily life, I've been pretty booked. I had my last college party of 2015 on Friday night (cue tears) and now I'm just studying for my final exams. Back home on Friday, meaning more free time to write for Whimsical Charm!

Now that it's officially the holiday season, we can start worrying about what to wear to all sorts of holiday parties. I am on the hunt for a New Years Eve dress currently (post in the works), and I'm unsure of how many/what Christmas parties I'll be attending at home. Here are my favorite Christmas-y outfits to wear this season. 

one | two | three | four [top, skirt] | five | six

Best to stick to the four main colors: black, gold, red, and green. Darker is better, sequins are everything, and don't be afraid to throw on some tights. 

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