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health + getting back on track

I always seem to be super good about diet and exercise Sunday through Thursday, but Friday and Saturday are really tricky. Nothing seems to cure a night out better than something full of carbs that's covered in cheese. Whenever I'm feeling pretty crappy about myself, I have some go-to tricks to slim down and feel back to normal. Here are my top five tips!

Drink lots of water Easiest way to kind of cleanse your system. Adding lemon really helps, as well. I have a 27-oz water bottle that I carry around everywhere, and I try to refill it at the very least twice a day. 

Eat a healthy breakfast Every morning I go to Starbucks and get their oatmeal with dried fruit and nuts. It fills me up until I'm done with my classes at 1. 

Bump up the cardio Running is my go-to exercise when I'm trying to lose weight and tone up. I can usually tell a difference after a couple of days. Kickboxing is also another really good workout to get back on track. And even though this isn't necessarily cardio, hot yoga is so good to sweat out everything and feel better.

Have a salad a day It's an easy way to eat your veggies! We have a salad station on campus that really helps the entire female student body stay healthy.

Move! Having a FitBit really helps me keep moving throughout the day. If you're just laying in your bed watching netflix for hours on end, there's a reason why you don't feel your best! Go for a walk with your friends!

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