style + the suede skirt

Finally did it. Finally got a suede skirt. It's the return of Abercrombie & Fitch, y'all. Long gone are the days of the lace trimmed cami's underneath everything and jeans that only pre-pubescent seventh graders could fit into circa 2007. Their turtlenecks? So comfy. Their dresses? Fall chic. Their skirts? Obsessed.

Suede skirts are taking over Pinterest in a major way. There are so many ways to wear them; what I'm wearing is just one of the options. 'Twas quite freezing today at the Forest, so I opted for a black turtleneck and thigh-high boots. 

The #selfie is showing off my Anh Co Tran inspired curling job. This morning I actually blow dried and curled my hair for the first time in ages to try to recreate the L.A.-based hair genius' signature messy waves. 

This turtleneck was 30% off from J. Crew...they always have the best sales online. I was hoping it would be a bit more form fitting...I have a very large ribcage (sounds weird, it is) so it sticks out, making me look like I don't have a waist. I literally haven't worn a skirt in years because of the way it cuts me off. Having a tighter top helps a little bit!


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