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How many sunglasses is too many sunglasses? There's definitely a limit but I'm not sure I want to be aware of it. My new sunglass obsession (that I have yet to acquire) are by Illesteva. The newly trendy accessories are growing in popularity and it makes sense why; there are so many options, yet they're consistently stylish. My favorite style, Leonard, has the same shape but with various lens and frame colors. 

one | two | three | four

These are my four favorite combinations. The classic Leonard, with grey lens, is a more subtle version (compared to vibrant colors and reflective lenses). I already have a reflective blue pair of Ray Ban aviators, so the reflective green Illesteva's are a fun change. One of my friends has the silver and tortoiseshell pair, and they're just so cool. Lastly, I love the black frame with the violet lens. They're not reflective, which is a nice change from the more popular Illesteva's. 

I'm not a big jewelry person, so sunglasses are my usual way to add something extra to an outfit. Thank goodness it's so sunny outside so I can take advantage of sunglass-wearing opportunities! 

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