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dress (similar) | boots | sunglasses

I am obsessed with fall. It's so #basic but whatever. I have realized that I cannot live anywhere too far south because I need to have seasons. The clothes are better in the fall and everything is so pretty! I didn't go abroad my junior fall because it's literally the best season at Wake. I've started the job search and have begun applying to jobs, and while I always thought that I would live in the South for the rest of my life, I'm so sick of this 75 degree weather in October. That's not normal. Back to the Northeast for me!!

I've had this dress since high school. I will never give it up. Normally I wouldn't wear it without leggings underneath, but it's really weird weather in North Carolina...really hot from 1-5, cold the rest of the day.

My favorite place to get tall boots is Tory Burch. They're excellent investment pieces and last for years.


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