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For those of y'all in the Winston-Salem/Greensboro area and are looking to have a fun little healthy adventure, do a cleanse from Village Juice!! Village Juice is a local juicery in Winston Salem. The cleanse consisted of 6 drinks: 3 green juices, 2 fruit and vegetable juices, and one milk. They currently don't have a consistent location, but they do have a juice truck! I picked up my 6 juices from the truck yesterday, and conveniently it was probably 3 minutes away from campus.

Last spring, I did a six-day cleanse and was actually pretty sad when it was over. So, I did a one-day version right before our post-exams weekend in Myrtle. And today I'm doing another one-day cleanse...because why not? All the drinks are so fresh and delicious and wonderful, today is going to be a great day!

Village Juice was not my first time on the juice cleanse train. I find them to be a challenge, and I'm the kind of crazy person who likes to prove that they can last on cold-pressed spinach, cucumber, and apples for three days. I honestly think it's way better than the popularly advertised cleanses; I had done the BluePrintCleanse previously and I still shudder from the memory of the green juice. But, I was so happy when I was on my last Village Juice cleanse, you would have thought I was eating real, solid food but nah...just drinking juices.

Yum yum! Check out Village Juice's website to order now!


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  1. Thank you for posting! I am so happy you love our juices and enjoyed your cleanse. We now have a storefront space (which will ultimately be our restaurant space) in the Towers Shopping Center on Stratford Road across from Thruway. 205-O S. Stratford Road in the same center as Zoe's Kitchen.

    Thanks again! xo, Lonnie


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