style + what's in my tote bag

I've been carrying a tote bag (instead of a backpack) with me since I was probably in sixth or seventh grade. I try not to keep it too cluttered - I'm a fairly messy person at heart - so I like to keep just the essentials in my bag at all times.

Agenda Finally ordered one. I looked at a bunch of other brands that carried planners, but common sense prevents me from ordering one that is more than $50, so I went with the striped Kate Spade agenda. Love it, finally feel organized.

Notebooks Because I actually have to go to class.

Water Bottle Water flushes out fat so drink a lot of it! My internship this summer provided all interns with a new 27 oz. water bottle, so I've gotten in the habit of carrying it with me wherever I go. 

Laptop + Chargers Always need this with me, even when I'm not taking notes on it in class. 

Sunglasses It's still summer weather down south so sunglasses are necessary!

Emergency bag This includes hair clips, bobby pins, ponytail holders, a perfume rollerball, gum, chapstick, tampons...anything that you'll probably forget but definitely need at some point or another.

Wallet, Keys The necessary items.


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