style + what to wear to sorority formal

Even though I have until November to find a dress for formal, it's always fun to start the search. I have worn pretty much every style of dress you can possibly wear to my previous formals (high neck, one shoulder, strapless, low-cut, embellished...) because why not switch it up!?

one | two | three | four | five

I usually wear darker colors to fall formal. There's a quote on Pinterest that says "I'll stop wearing black when there's a darker color." This directly applies to my entire fall/winter wardrobe. In spring I'll wear neon and really bright colors, but I'll break out the black long-sleeved dresses in November. That leads me to another favorite. Long sleeve dresses. I think that long-sleeved short dresses are the absolute best. My friend just gave me a new dress with embellished long sleeves and it's so cute. Potential formal dress??

I've also been a fan of the high-neck lately. Dress number five (shown above) is so freaking awesome, I think it's so cool!! I may not want to get it though, I've already got a few high-neck dresses lined up for events this semester.

For the college girls out there, what types of dresses are y'all shopping for for formal? 

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