style + sheila fajl

A very popular trend at my college is to wear Sheila Fajl earrings to most occasions. She is a jewelry designer who is known most for her hoop earrings. Considering I am a hoop earring fanatic (if I'm not wearing pearls, I'm wearing hoops), I jumped on the Sheila Fajl train. 

I have the Everybody's Favorite hoops, and I think they're the perfect size and width. I usually go for larger hoops, but these are just your standard classic. My mom has the Celine hoops, which are smaller with a ridge down the middle of the hoop. Lastly, the Liana hoops are larger and thinner than the Everybody's Favorite. 

I like these earrings because they are an elevated hoop. Usually I go to Old Navy or Claire's to find cheap gold hoops (they sometimes fall out of my ears when I go out so I never pay a lot of money for each pair). However, I like wearing Sheila Fajl earrings to nicer occasions.

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