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organization + my desk

My desk is always a tricky part of my dorm room organization. Freshman and sophomore year my desk always started off as organized and clean, but by second semester it became crazy messy. Last year I had a ton of knick-knacks on my desk, so it looked more fun rather than cluttered. However, this year I embraced minimalism and cut back on most of the items I usually put on my desk.

Not gonna lie, I've never used my desk for doing work. The chairs aren't very comfortable, and I'd rather do work on my bed or in my sorority's lounge. Instead, I use my desk for doing my hair and makeup because #basic. 

I used to have a trillion cups on my desk, but I've cut it back to two wine glasses, my pineapple cup, and a shot glass or two. My other fun cups are in the bottom drawer of my desk. 

I bought this makeup organizer at Amazon last year. It holds the perfect amount of makeup, and it keeps me very organized. I have my favorite lotions next to it, and all my brushes in a pot. 

I put my everyday hair products on my second shelf, and all my others are in a basket in my closet. I have so many that it would look really messy if I put them all on my desk. In an effort to cut back on spending money, I bought my own nail polish so I can paint my nails myself.

My rings and bracelets are on my elephant organizer that I bought from home. I really don't wear much jewelry at all so it's really convenient I can fit everything in one place. 

My top drawer holds random items, like sharpies, chargers, and tape. 

My other top drawer has all the beauty and toiletry products that I don't want on my desk. Viviscal, Biotin, makeup removing's all there.

My second drawer has duplicate items.

My third drawer is where I keep all my food. I try not to have unhealthy food in my room (I will find it and I will eat all of it), so right now I just have Skinny Pop and Kind granola. I also have a plate, bowl, and silverware from Ikea.

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