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While I still go to frat parties, my age group is making the transition to going to bars instead of dancing it out in a gross basement. The parties at my college are really casual, so I'm usually in theme or wearing denim shorts. Now that I actually have to grow up and make myself look presentable, I get the chance to dress up a little more and bring a purse to bars! Here are my essentials for what to pack in your going-out bag.

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Not a shocker that I chose this Rebecca Minkoff bag (considering I've been lusting over all her crossbody's for the past year or two). Crossbodies are the best for going out because I never really feel nervous that I'm going to lose them. 

Choose a small wallet to actually fit in the crossbody. Include your debit card, ID, some cash and student ID (if you're still in college).

I just started to wear lipgloss again, and my favorite is the Buxom lip polish. It makes your lips feel all tingly because it (supposedly) has lip-plumping abilities. I also bring a rollerball of my favorite perfume (Acqua di Gio...the best) in case I need to freshen up. Also, gum or tic-tacs are life savers!

Never ever forget a fully charged cell phone. Optional: portable charger. There is nothing worse than losing your battery while you're out!!

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