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Throughout years of trying new beauty products, I've pretty much narrowed my favorite products down to a couple of different categories. The first, and frankly most important, is what I use every day when I get out of the shower. 

Since I cut my hair in January and stopped using heat products, I've significantly decreased the amount of hair products that I use. I don't need heat protectant anymore, nor tons of different split-end blockers. Instead, I have three main products to use everyday. 

Moroccan Oil You cannot go wrong with this classic. A couple drops from mid-shaft to tips keeps hair shiny and healthy. 

Caviar Repair Lengthening Started using this last fall and I really, really like it. Apply one pump to your scalp to keep your roots healthy!

Organix Coconut Milk This anti-breakage serum smells so incredibly good and really works. Be careful not to use too's pretty heavy. 


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