style + the pineapple bikini

I had my eye on this bikini from Tory Burch since it was released. But, being an unemployed college student at that time, I neither had the motivation nor the funds to enjoy the pineapple perfection. HOWEVER, when it went on S-A-L-E I was so so happy and I'm still so so happy because literally it's a super flattering bikini with pineapples on it. I am probably more comfortable in a bikini than any other clothing, to be honest. 

Furthering the yellow-spiked-fruit obsession, I found this pineapple cup at Urban Outfitters. Naturally I thought to match my cup to my bikini. Is that sad? Whatever.

Sidenote: for all the blondes out there (and non-blondes, the sun doesn't discriminate), go buy the Frederick Fekkai Pre Soleil Hair Mist. I got my hair darkened at the beginning of the summer, and unfortunately from sitting in the sun it's back to being quite blonde! But, this spray is a UV protectant, so it'll guard your hair from sun damage.


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