style + my sunglass picks

I'm not a shoe or bag person, but I am definitely a sunglasses person. I always have a couple of pairs with me and I think they're the best way to finish a great outfit. 

The Classic Everyone needs a classic aviator. It goes with everything, just make sure to get it tightened every so often because the Ray-Ban version definitely stretches out.

Darties and Parties I have a pair of plastic tortoiseshell aviators and they are the best. I typically wear them when I'm tailgating and day partying. 

Current Obsession I bought a pair of Clubmasters earlier this year and since then I have probably worn them the most. I feel so cool when I wear them! 

Summer Go-To Loooove the blue mirrored sunglasses. No one can see your eyes and you can watch people checking out their own reflections. 

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