style + my favorite summer dress

When I went to Kiawah in May, my mother and I visited the Lilly Pulitzer store in Charleston before we made the trek to the island. This eyelet dress caught my eye and I have worn it a ton since! 

You can dress this outfit up or down really easily, which is really convenient. I don't think I would wear it to work (considering it's butt-short), but it's perfect for any summer activity!

I've been having a hard time finding dresses that I like at Lilly recently, but this dress is a total exception. I hope they make it in more colors/fabrics/prints!

The one iffy thing about this dress is its length. Don't get me wrong, I love super short dresses, but if I bend over just a smidge, my entire booty is exposed. Definitely a day dress because if I ever wore this with wedges, I would look like I forgot to put on pants. My dad literally asked me once when I was wearing this, "are you wearing a shirt or a dress?" Oh well. It's cute.



  1. Is this dress still available/do you know the name of the style? I love this dress!

    1. It's actually not available anymore! But, Lilly does still have some great white dresses in the summertime if you want to check them out!


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