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On Sunday I made my grand return to New York City to visit my little again. But, this time my grand-little joined us! It was a nice sorority-lineage themed reunion.

This was my first time visiting Brooklyn. Tbh I hadn't heard much about it besides what Blair Waldorf said about it in Gossip Girl. I had so much fun and I definitely will be returning. 

We went to brunch at a little place called the Iris Café. 

I ordered the Housemade Ricotta, which was essentially ricotta cheese with honey on an english muffin. It was SO GOOD I could literally have brunch for three meals a day and be happy, sorry not sorry I'm that basic. 

My obsession with French bulldogs is more like a daily activity. Had to take a picture withs some on the street....

We went to an outdoor food fair called Smorgasburg and it was great! Considering it was a million degrees outside (no exaggeration) we opted for popsicles. 

Can't wait to go back!



  1. That dress is so cute and love the sights!!
    Life as I Know it

  2. Well the best part about NYC is there are Frenchies on every corner. In our building alone there were 3 Frenchies on our floor (including our own) and 2 on the floor above us. Your obsession is warranted, they are amazing dogs!


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