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I am a little bit of a tanning addict. My friends call me Hanner the Tanner. I know the risks of sun exposure blah blah blah but like I look a TRILLION times better when I have a tan and freckles galore. Considering my face gets tan and freckley in around 5 min when I'm outside, my body takes a bit longer to catch up. That's when self-tanner comes in.

My best friend loves spray tans, but I'm always skeptical. I've gone in to get a spray tan before and the people at the front desk are like, "you're already pretty dark, so we're going to give you a darker color" aka I come out looking orange. Not good. I've used the Victoria's Secret Self Tan lotion, which I do like, but it's very noticeable. However, I received a free sample of the St. Tropez tanning mousse a while back and decided to try it out.

I exfoliated with the never-failing Frank coffee scrub before applying the mousse. The mousse was really easy to put on, but I definitely had to wash my hands right after! I loved the color it gave me and it lasted a couple of days. So, I bought some of the lotion, along with the tanning mitt so I wouldn't get streaky.

I apply the lotion like once or twice a week, depending on what's going on or if I tanned outside over the weekend. I want to try the In Shower Gradual Tan, though! Have y'all ever used it/does it actually work?

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