summer + packing the beach bag

If I could spend every day at the beach I would. But since I have a 9 to 5 job, aka I lack the luxury to spend every day at the beach, I'll just mentally pack my beach bag. 

The Bag Given my obsession with pineapples, it makes sense that I have my eye on this Tory bag.

The Towel THIS TOWEL AH I love it.

The Sunscreen I like to mix a tanning sunscreen with regular sunscreen because I'm a psycho about my tan. At least I'm using sunscreen.

The Hat I prefer baseball caps, some prefer big floppy hats. 

The Sunglasses Ray Ban's of course.

The iPhone Because who doesn't leave the house without their phone. Also, a good addition to the cell phone is a bluetooth speaker. 

The Leave-In Conditioner UV rays kill your hair, and given my quest for longer lengths, I'm not taking any chances. I also just had highlights done (to shockingly make my hair darker and more natural looking), so I don't want them looking brassy! This leave-in conditioner is a great choice to protect your hair from the sun.   

The Water Bottle I use a glass water bottle from Life Factory.

The Book Please give me suggestions! Finished Gone Girl and now I don't know what to do!

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