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health + work lunches

I feel like I'm in elementary school again because my mother has been packing lunches for me ever since I started my summer internship. I actually really prefer bringing my own lunch to work because I know it's going to be portion controlled, filling, and super healthy. 

Corn and feta salad, 100 calorie raw almond pack, sweet potato chips, a pear, honey almond snack bar, and turkey, cheddar, cucumber, and chipotle mayo sandwich on whole wheat bread

Essentially, the general set-up for my work lunches is a half sandwich (with a cheese, vegetable, and protein on whole grain bread),  a fruit (usually a pear...super filling and SO good for you), chips or crackers (I love Veggie Tortilla Skinny Sticks, Skinny Pop, Food Should Taste Good sweet potato chips, and Kashi crackers) and something sweet but healthy (like granola cookies). Whole Foods also has great mini salads if you wanted to replace the sandwich!

Pear, sweet potato chips, 100-calorie almonds, granola and dried fruit cookies, and chicken, swiss, cucumber, and chipotle mayo sandwich on whole wheat bread
Almonds, especially the portion controlled sizes, are the best mid-afternoon snack. Usually my lunch is so filling that I don't even end up eating a snack, but I like to keep almonds in my bag just in case.

Half a chicken, cucumber, swiss, and chipotle mayo sandwich on whole wheat bread, a pear, cranberry and pecan cous cous, granola and dried fruit cookies, Kasha 8-grain crackers

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  1. Hello! I love this post, it's so helpful to know what can be done in order to stay healthy during a busy work day! Do you have any suggestions to losing belly fat/water weight in about 3 weeks? Thanks!!

    1. Hi! I would cut back on dairy, sugar, and gluten a bit. Basically eat lots and lots of fruits and veggies and work out for at least 45 minutes like 5 days a week! Running really helps me, as well as writing down everything I eat on My Fitness Pal.



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