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beauty + grow out your hair

Aka the life I’ll never have.

I really never consider myself to be an impatient person (who knows, maybe friends and family can refute this), however when it comes to growing my hair I literally just cannot. Basically, I expect to wake up one day with Blake Lively's hair (miracles happen, right?), but who doesn't?

I go through phases of hating and loving my naturally curly hair. I get really sick of it easily, so that leads to a lot of straightening and blow drying, which leads to the annoying aftermath of lots of split ends. The unfortunate combination of highlights and heat products means that I've never really been able to have the longer hair that I have been wanting since I was at least 13...when I cut it all off to begin with. This fall was the longest my hair has been in years, and it was basically a long mid-length haircut. But, I got bored, so I cut half a foot off which brings me to my current bob. 

Since I have the attention span of a gnat with hairstyles, I am in the "growing my hair" phase yet again. But, this time I'm going to take it very seriously and do it correctly. I do not want to have to cut off my hair because I hate the layers because hair breakage! Here are my five commandments that I'll be following.

Chop off split ends Counterproductive? Kind of but not really. I've made it a rule to never go more than three months without a trim so I don't have to end up cutting more hair than I want to later on. 

Limit heat Summertime brings humidity, which I actually like for my hair. My hair is wavy to curly naturally, but add humidity and I have perfect curls! This really helps me because then I never use a flatiron or hairdryer. I've only straightened my hair a couple of times in the past month and I can already tell a huge difference in its health. I've also made a superficial promise to myself - similar to my promise to not eat gluten (ha) - to not use any heat on my hair the entire month of June. We'll see how that goes.

Take Biotin and Viviscal daily Every morning I take one Viviscal and every night I take another Viviscal, plus a Biotin pill. Viviscal is the superdrug that promotes substantial hair growth if you are consistent with it for three to six months. I'm almost done with my first month! Biotin is great for skin, nails, hair and it's basically the perfect vitamin. 

Hair masks Sometimes I'll leave them in for fifteen minutes pre-shower, for five minutes in the shower, or overnight for extra conditioning.

Use Lee Stafford's Hair Growth Treatment as often as possible Guys I'm not kidding this stuff is the real deal. Last spring, I cut four inches off my hair, instantly regretted it, and was in a constant cycle of Biotin and avoiding heat products. However, I found this deep conditioner at Ulta and it changed everything. Usually when something says it's "hair growth promoting," I'm skeptical (even though it's 2015 and I'm baffled how there's not a product that makes your hair grow). However, I read the extremely positive reviews and decided to try it out myself. It's insane. My hair grew like three inches in two months. It was amazing. 

I know I'm beating a dead horse with these tips, but that's only because I'm promoting my own internal strength against my battle with hair length. Through hundreds of pinterest article research, I think this is the best hair-growth advice! 

Ultimately, the goal is a blunt, longer mid-length cut with tons of shine and little to no maintenance. I used to be totally willing to spend my time in the hair salon getting it highlighted and cut, as well as doing a crazy amount to reject my natural curls...but I just don't care anymore. I want getting ready to not be a hassle! 

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  1. Good to see you back. I had P&G Prep tucked away in a "no longer posting" feed folder in hopes that you would return! I shamelessly followed you but I don't think I ever commented. I think I originally found looking for ..... Lilly of course! I think I was searching for a particular print or something. Who knows.
    Anyways, welcome back to blogging land.

  2. I just love long hairs but unfortunately, I don't have. I always use to ware weft hair extensions so I can look more beautiful with my hairs. I think can also be a goof idea because these days we can easily find the beautiful hair extension from online or offline stores.



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