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In my everlasting goal of eventually turning into Natasha Oakley, I bought Frank Body's Original Body Scrub. If any of y'all follow Bikini A Day, you'll know that this is one of their favorite body products...and their world is obviously law.

The scrub is made of coffee grounds, brown sugar, sea salt, and almond oil. I am not a fan of drinking coffee, but even I can agree that the smell is the best part of the entire coffee experience. THIS SCRUB. THE SMELL. It's like the lovechild of a bakery and a coffee shop. It's amazing. And, it's long lasting. I used the scrub at night and the next morning I still smelled delicious. 

The way it works: turn on your shower, get wet, turn off the shower, and scrub scrub scrub. I usually put in a deep conditioner before so I can do a little bit of multitasking. After you scrub and you're nice and dirty, hang out for five to ten minutes before washing off. I #noshame bring my laptop into the bathroom so I can watch Netflix while I wait.

The end results with this product are excellent. I feel silky smooth, obviously smell great, and I've noticed less cellulite on my booty and thighs! I honestly thought it would only take me two or three uses before I would finish the bag, but it actually lasted a lot longer than expected. My next purchase will definitely be the peppermint scrub for sore muscles!

If you are in need of a witty and skin-showing instagram, check out Frank's. Whenever you use the scrub, you're supposed to take a selfie and post it on insta with the hashtag #thefrankeffect.

In the words of Frank, get dirty, get naked, get rough, get clean.

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