lifestyle + dinner for two

Saturday night I went to my high school best friend's house for dinner. Since high school we've kept in touch and I see her quite frequently during summer and winter breaks. 

I wore a J. Crew popover from this spring and denim shorts with lace lining. Can't forget the "pearl on a string" necklace...

Veggie burger with avocado, kale salad with candied walnuts and dried cranberries


style + borrowed from the boys

shirt | jeans | shoes


style + pineapple iphone case

Given my obvious obsession with pineapples, when my best friend sent me a picture of the new Kate Spade iPhone case that literally is a gem pineapple, I bought it on the spot. Thank God for the internet. 

I've gotten into a bit of trouble with breaking my phone one or two (or five) times, so I've been skeptical about certain cases and the amount of protection they'll provide. However, this case is very different from the regular flimsy Kate Spade cases. It feels much sturdier and hopefully, combined with my newfound carefulness with my phone, will prevent my screen from breaking!


lifestyle + yankees game

Living in Connecticut, you basically have to choose between the Yankees or Red Sox. Since I literally couldn't care less about baseball, I showed my support for the team that's closer to me...the Yankees. Monday night I went to a Yankees v. Phillies game in the city with my coworkers. Since I had never been before, I decided to put use to my Yankees baseball cap and take advantage of the opportunity! 

Baseball games are one of the most typical summer activities. You want to be comfortable, also it's a baseball game so if you're dressing up, you're doing it wrong. Throw on some fun shorts and a tee or tank (for me, it all depends on whether I'm feeling body-confident enough to wear a teeny tiny tight tank, versus a slouchy v-neck tee). Crop tops are borderline. If they're boxy and slouchy, okay. If they're tight and basically showing your bra, think again. It's a baseball game, not a club.

When choosing what to wear to the game, I went back to the basics: high waisted shorts, a tank, and a baseball cap. I felt pretty comfortable, and it was so so so hot that I definitely was happy that I wasn't wearing much clothing. If I go back to another baseball game, I'll probably wear something a little flowy-er considering all the sustenance that's offered is beer and fried food (not a good combination with a tight tank).


how to + beaded necklace

As much as I hate to say it, call me the queen of the basics because the how-to I'm about to explain is as wannabe-Coachella-white-girl as you can get. This summer I've been wearing a necklace I've made myself...I literally call it the pearls on a string necklace. They're quite popular at the college I go to, and I succumbed to the trend against my better judgement and haven't been able to turn back. 

It's pretty much as simple as you can get. I wrap around the necklace twice, but I pull the bottom down so that it's like a choker with one pearl + long necklace with three pearls. 

Hope y'all enjoy as much as I do.


beauty + favorite deep conditioners

I have vowed to not buy any new hair products until I finish the actual buckets full that I already have. This has resulted in me having super healthy hair because of how many deep conditioning treatments I'm doing per week. My personal favorites are from Lee Stafford, Wen, and Garnier

Lee Stafford's Hair Growth Treatment I've already discussed the wonders of this conditioner in my hair growth post, but I think I have like 3 or four containers of this stuff at all times just because I'm so paranoid about running out. It's the best conditioner ever if you want to grow your hair longer! 

Wen Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment I started using Wen last year, and with the purchase of the boxed set of products, you get this deep conditioner. It smells so good! I like to leave it on for at least 30 minutes before I shower, or sometimes I'll even put it on at night and sleep with it in.

Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser Strength Reconstructing Butter The most affordable and easiest to find of the three. Garnier is really reliable and I pretty much trust anything they release. I'll sleep with this as a hair mask as night as well. 

What deep conditioners do y'all use?


lifestyle + father's day

It was more like father's weekend rather than father's day. My dad went out of town on Sunday afternoon, so we had to celebrate earlier on. 

I got this J. McLaughlin dress earlier this year and I've worn it a fair amount since. Sometimes you justness a lightweight dress to throw on when you don't want to try as hard but know you'll look cute! The colors in my wardrobe are pretty much limited to black, white, grey, and at least I'm staying in my color palette.

In my effort to actually wear the jewelry in my collection, I chose a gold Madewell long necklace to wear with the maxi. I can wear it year round and with a variety of outfits, which I like. While super fun and loud jewelry is great, I never end up wearing it. Much better to buy the "basics."

All fathers love burgers and fries, right? We went to lunch at Station Eats in New Canaan and it was delicious.


health + work lunches

I feel like I'm in elementary school again because my mother has been packing lunches for me ever since I started my summer internship. I actually really prefer bringing my own lunch to work because I know it's going to be portion controlled, filling, and super healthy. 

Corn and feta salad, 100 calorie raw almond pack, sweet potato chips, a pear, honey almond snack bar, and turkey, cheddar, cucumber, and chipotle mayo sandwich on whole wheat bread

Essentially, the general set-up for my work lunches is a half sandwich (with a cheese, vegetable, and protein on whole grain bread),  a fruit (usually a pear...super filling and SO good for you), chips or crackers (I love Veggie Tortilla Skinny Sticks, Skinny Pop, Food Should Taste Good sweet potato chips, and Kashi crackers) and something sweet but healthy (like granola cookies). Whole Foods also has great mini salads if you wanted to replace the sandwich!

Pear, sweet potato chips, 100-calorie almonds, granola and dried fruit cookies, and chicken, swiss, cucumber, and chipotle mayo sandwich on whole wheat bread
Almonds, especially the portion controlled sizes, are the best mid-afternoon snack. Usually my lunch is so filling that I don't even end up eating a snack, but I like to keep almonds in my bag just in case.

Half a chicken, cucumber, swiss, and chipotle mayo sandwich on whole wheat bread, a pear, cranberry and pecan cous cous, granola and dried fruit cookies, Kasha 8-grain crackers


summer + my essentials

Even though I've been on summer break for a month already, summer officially starts in three days! Here are my top ten summer essentials.

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten

Beach waves for days Given my love for Bumble and Bumble, I had to try out their new Surf Infusion beach wave spray. I love their regular surf spray, but it kind of gives me hair an undesirable texture and dries it out a lot. But, this new spray is more like a serum than just salt water. I love it! I'll wait until my hair is half dried and then I spray it all around. Works like a charm!

Stay hydrated My trainer always has a Bai 5 with her, and when the mini-mart at the college I go to started selling them, I decided to give them a try. Oh my goodness gracious Bai 5 is the best. I drink one every afternoon at work! My favorite flavors are Lemonade Tea, Peach, and Mango. 

Fancy fingers (and toes) I think the last time I wasn't wearing nail polish was in the 5th grade. I've literally been consistent with my manicures and pedicures for 11 years. Obsessive, maybe, but I know what I like. In the summer, I like to have a bright color on my toes (like Essie's California Coral or OPI's Cajun Shrimp), and a light color on my fingers (like Essie's Angel Food). 

I'd rather be in a bikini I honestly would rather wear a bikini than anything else in the summer. I'm more than comfortable in them, especially triangle top string bikinis. I just got the Mira bikini from Tory Burch, mainly because it is covered in PINEAPPLES. Love love love.

I <3 Margaritas My friends have dubbed me the Queen of Margs, and I proudly own that title. Margs are the perfect summer drink, whether they're frozen or on the rocks. Bottoms up, ladies. 

Blocking out the haters I would probably wear sunglasses 100% of the time if I could. The classic Ray-Ban aviator is the ideal summer sunglass look.

Oh shift An easy go-to dress for summer is the shift. All your preppy-ish brands (Lilly, Vineyard Vines, J. Crew, Madewell) have super cute options this summer, as well as trendier companies like ASOS, ShopBop). I'm a fan of the embroidered shift, like my new Madewell dress (shown above), and white eyelet shifts. 

Nicki Minaj presents... the Pink Pill! One of my 21st birthday presents was this miniature Beats speaker, and it's honestly been so useful. Everyone needs some fun summer music to play at the beach!

Love me some jorts Jean shorts are classic summer, and they're great for so many occasions. I'd rather just get a lot of different options for cheaper prices. So, stores like H&M and Forever 21 come in handy!

Chucks chucks chucks I looove Chuck Taylor Converse, and the white Chucks are an easy footwear choice for summer. 

What are y'alls summer essentials?


beauty + bronde

I have been obsessed with being as blonde as I can possibly be for as long as I can remember. However, as of late, I'm kind of bored with it. A bunch of my friends and I had the exact same color hair, and it really freaked me out. Once I came home for the summer, I went to the hair salon to change it up. I'm on my way to darkening my hair to be "bronde" - the hair color that's not completely blonde, yet not completely brunette. 

It's more my natural color, so it'll grow out really nicely and I'll only have to get highlights like two or three times a year (a huge plus). I mean, Rosie Huntington-Whitely has this hair color, so it has to be acceptable, right?


style + sailor stripes

I literally wore this to work...a total plus to interning at the most chill company ever. You can never go wrong with a navy and white striped shirt in the summer. Seven jeans are tried and true, and white Chucks are a nice alternative to sandals in the warmer months. 


lifestyle + day trip to nyc

Yesterday I went to visit my little sister in my sorority in Manhattan. I'm not very far from the city, so taking the train into Grand Central was super easy.

We ate lunch at the Smith on the Upper West Side, and it was absolutely delicious. 

burrata with tomatoes, grilled ciabatta, balsamic, and cracked pepper

avocado sandwich with goat cheese, cucumber, tomato, red onion on multigrain with fries

Next stop was Central Park. I haven't been since I was little, so it was great to see all of the classic attractions.

top: free people shorts: j.mclaughlin sandals: tory burch purse: kate spade

It was so ridiculously hot that I thought I was going to melt. So, we went from Central Park to Whole Foods  and literally bought a pint of sorbet to cool us off. In a very Gossip Girl-esque move, we sat on the Met steps and ate our sorbet. 

It was an amazing day and I can't wait to go back to visit my little!


style + fun summer shorts

While I love my jorts and Lululemon shorts, sometimes you have to wear something a little less casual. Fun printed and textured shorts with a cute top are a great outfit choice when you're sick of summery dresses. Here are my favorite options.

one | two | three | four

Embellished I found the J. Crew shorts shown in option number one above on sale (!!) online and they're my new go-to shorts! I feel extra tan when I'm in them (always a plus), and they're so so comfortable. 

Going out When it's hot outside, I'm not really into wearing jeans when I go out. Instead of wearing a bandage skirt (I always get paranoid that my booty is completely exposed), flowy shorts with a little top work as a great alternative. I have the pair shown in option number two (above) in a different pattern, and I wore then when I went to Myrtle Beach for my college's post-exam beach week. Definitely my favorite outfit of the weekend!

Casual Printed shorts with a white tank top is probably the easiest and most reliable weekend outfit. Jack Wills has an adorable tie-belt pair (another great sale find), and Vineyard Vines has such cute options as well!

Lace White or black lace shorts are super summery, and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. I have a pair from J. McLaughlin, two from Lilly Pulitzer, and I have my eye on a pair from Free People.


health + summer body tips

Even though it's the beginning of June and summer officially starts in a couple of weeks, it's never too late to start working on your summer body! 

Yes, everyone has a body so everyone has a "bikini body," but let's be real here: most people generally enjoy themselves better, especially wearing the smallest amount of clothing possible (hello summer), when they feel good about themselves. Eating healthy and exercising regularly genuinely makes me happy! 

It's a bit tricky to feel like I'm in my tip-top summer shape when I'm in college nine months of the year (all those drinks and southern fried foods, ya feel me?), so I get excited to come home for the summertime so I can focus on feeling my best.

I love health and fitness (should have been my major, TBH), so here are my top tips to get nice and healthy for bikini season.

Let's get into it.

beauty + get dirty with frank

In my everlasting goal of eventually turning into Natasha Oakley, I bought Frank Body's Original Body Scrub. If any of y'all follow Bikini A Day, you'll know that this is one of their favorite body products...and their world is obviously law.

The scrub is made of coffee grounds, brown sugar, sea salt, and almond oil. I am not a fan of drinking coffee, but even I can agree that the smell is the best part of the entire coffee experience. THIS SCRUB. THE SMELL. It's like the lovechild of a bakery and a coffee shop. It's amazing. And, it's long lasting. I used the scrub at night and the next morning I still smelled delicious. 

The way it works: turn on your shower, get wet, turn off the shower, and scrub scrub scrub. I usually put in a deep conditioner before so I can do a little bit of multitasking. After you scrub and you're nice and dirty, hang out for five to ten minutes before washing off. I #noshame bring my laptop into the bathroom so I can watch Netflix while I wait.

The end results with this product are excellent. I feel silky smooth, obviously smell great, and I've noticed less cellulite on my booty and thighs! I honestly thought it would only take me two or three uses before I would finish the bag, but it actually lasted a lot longer than expected. My next purchase will definitely be the peppermint scrub for sore muscles!

If you are in need of a witty and skin-showing instagram, check out Frank's. Whenever you use the scrub, you're supposed to take a selfie and post it on insta with the hashtag #thefrankeffect.

In the words of Frank, get dirty, get naked, get rough, get clean.


travel + kiawah island

Kiawah Island is one of my favorite places in the entire world. My family has been a frequent visitor for around 25 years, and recently we have been staying at the Sanctuary. 

Kiawah is off the coast of Charleston, about 45 minutes from downtown. It's an easy trip to and from Kiawah, so even if you want to get off the island (which I typically never do), it's not a hassle.

My most recent trip to Kiawah Island was in the middle of May once I ended school. I had a mother-daughter week post-post-exams (post-exams were in Myrtle Beach for the weekend before I drove to Kiawah...I definitely needed a relaxing week after that). 

Our view for the week.

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