hey what's up hello

Welcome to my blog, Whimsical Charm.

In the spirit of introductions and such, I'll tell y'all a little bit about me. 

My name is Hannah.

I'm a college student who is quickly facing the realities of graduation in 12 months.

I'm in a major that has nothing to do with what I plan to do in life.

I'm a design intern this summer for a well-known clothing brand in the Northeast. 

This is not my first time blogging, nor will it be my last.

I started my first blog on a whim when I was 16, and I ended it a year ago. I'm very excited to get started again.

I'm a FitBit addict.

Lucille Bluth is my spirit animal.

I love a good juice cleanse, but pink champagne is the key to my heart.

I have been "growing out my hair" since I was 11, yet every year I end up chopping it off.

I have a deep love for turtlenecks.

Life goal would to spend every day on the beach.....but let's be realistic.


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