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These Gifts are Expensive AF but So Worth It

These Gifts are Expensive AF but So Worth It

I love a good high end beauty splurge, and it seems to be that this time of year is when most people acquire such high end beauty splurges. Cool, techy hair and makeup tools and products are perfect gifts for the holidays season, and honestly the whole industry has really stepped up its game.

I mean, when Dyson has a hair dryer...take advantage.

I HIGHLY recommend buying some form of Clarisonic. I have raved about my little pink one in the past, and my feelings definitely haven't changed. A Clarisonic is like a little facial at home - it's so worth it!  For a trendy little add-on, this Uplift Firming Massage Head is the new it-tool these days. It's an anti-aging massaging "brush" that helps re-invigorate tired skin, working to firm your skin.

In terms of hair, I have a lot of suggestions. Let's start with the Slip Silk Pillowcase. If you're a beauty guru, you know that sleeping on cotton pillowcases isn't the best option for your hair. Silk, versus cotton, reduces friction, helping to reduce damage while sleeping. It also is less absorbent, helping our skin and hair keep its moisture overnight.

For the girl who has everything, there's the Slip Silk Pillowcase.

There are two products from T3 that I want to highlight. The T3 Featherweight Luxe 2I Hair Dryer (that's a mouthful) is currently 20% off at Sephora - now's the time to buy! This blowdryer cuts drying time in half, which in itself is crazy, but since it's so fast, your hair literally does not sustain damage. Hair is smoother and shinier, and can I reiterate this hairdryer does not damage your hair!?!?

Ladies who are trying to grow your hair - this is for us.

The second T3 product thats a great gift this holiday season is the Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand. This tool is essentially a curling wand with three interchangeable barrels, all in different sizes - one inch, one and a half inch, and a tapered inch and a quarter. Bless up for the 360-degree swivel cord and can we take a moment for how PRETTY the T3 hair styling tools are? They're white and rose gold like finallyyyy something different than black and silver!

My favorite haircare brand, but also the one that I can't afford, is the fabulous Oribe. They happen to have a few collection sets for the holiday season - if you're looking for a haircare bundle, try the Gold Lust Collection. These products aim to repair and restore your hair, leaving your locks super glossy and smooth.

And of course, we can't forget about the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. Like the T3, it works to dry your hair before it has time to damage it. This set comes with different nozzles and accessories, making it feel more like a traditional hair dryer.

Check out more of my beauty splurge picks below! I could really go on forever!

Let's Talk About Balayage

Let's Talk About Balayage

In two days time, I will be home for the Hollidays (ha ha ha, last name pun). But, before family visits and Thanksgiving is in full swing, I will be returning to my local hair salon for a much needed cut and color. 

I have been taking very good care of my hair, with DIY hair masks and weekly Olaplex treatments, in an effort to grow it longer and stronger. While I will be getting a little trim (keeping length, but definitely getting rid of split ends), I am extra excited to be getting it colored.

My highlight process of choice is a balayage, something I've been doing for almost three years now. I used to be very, very blonde, but it completely destroyed my hair quality - not to mention, having to keep up with the super blonde lifestyle is quite expensive. 

I cut my hair almost to my chin my junior year of college to get rid of all the damage going blonder had done to my hair. I went to a new hairstylist at a new hair salon, her specialty being balayage. 

MAJOR shoutout to Dena at Hopscotch Salon in Greenwich, CT. MY GIRL.

Balayage, if you don't know, is a special hair coloring technique in which the dye is painted on their hair. It's a much more natural look, and grows out soooo nicely. The goal is to look effortless and have lots of dimension. 

Also, I find that my hair is much less damaged with balayage than when I used to do a full head of foils - go figure. Less of my hair is colored, plus it's not as shocking blonde. No more breakage!

Throughout the years, my hair has gotten increasingly darker, almost by choice - I go to the salon to get a half-balayage twice a year now. My hair is almost completely its natural color, except for the top section...I'm trying to avoid the dull, mousy dark blonde I was blessed with. However, right now my hair is probably the darkest it's ever been - a little too dark. I am in desperate need of a color refresh. 

Bright, blonde, balayage.

I have been scouring Pinterest for the past few weeks to find the perfect inspiration photos for my upcoming trip to the salon. I don't want to go too blonde - I've been trying to avoid chemical damage and I'm not about to start again. I'm going to ask my stylist if I can do an Olaplex treatment while I'm there, as well. The more help I can get, the merrier!

Do y'all get balayage? What are your thoughts? 

Have a wonderful Thursday! Today's my last day in the office until I get back from "break" - very much excited to have a change of scenery! Packing, however, is a different story entirely...

My Favorite Holiday Gifts for Coworkers

My Favorite Holiday Gifts for Coworkers

Searching for some gifts for your coworkers? Look no further. I've compiled a general list of appropriate presents for the people you spend most of your week with - all inexpensive. 

Now, I will say that I have a different perspective because I work at a fairly casual company and it's predominantly women. So, these the gifts featured are definitely more inclined towards women, but their general item types can be applied elsewhere.

So, let's get into it. 

In my mind, items for the home make for great gifts. That, and items revolving around drinking. I looove these buffalo plaid stackable mugs from Shopbop. Actually LOVE. First off, buffalo plaid is my favorite plaid, and second, they are perfect for the holiday season. So festive! I also love these wood and marble coasters from Target.

Moment of silence for how much Tar-jay has upped their interior decorating game lately.

Candles are also excellent gifts. I am beyond obsessed with the Capri Blue candle from Anthropologie, and it comes in multiple sizes (so you don't have to break the bank). If you're looking something even nicer, Diptyque candles are the way to go. The packaging - amazing.

I'm giving some of my coworkers holiday-themed cutting boards - they're just so cute! I love this Christmas tree cutting board from Martha Stewart Collection almost as I love Martha herself. It's a great option, especially if they're having family over and need something in-theme for a large meal!

Other gifts include travel mugs, coffee table books, cookbooks, knife sets and general themed cutlery, and throw blankets. My boss actually gave my work team heated plush blankets, and let me tell you, I wish I could just carry it around all the time!

If all else fails, just give them alcohol.

Check out more of my gift options below!

My Ongoing Faux Fur Obsession

My Ongoing Faux Fur Obsession

Guys, I am so tired. I had a friend visit this past weekend, I woke up at 4am yesterday and I couldn't fall back asleep. I had the opportunity to have a quiet Monday night to myself, but I blew it. I went to another Panthers football game on a whim, so instead of working out and going to bed early, I froze my tush off in the nosebleeds of the Panthers stadium. 

Like literally, froze. I completely underestimated how cold it was going to be, and opted for a thin sweater underneath my jersey and a Barbour coat. No gloves, no substantial layers. 

I will learn from my mistakes. I don't think I'm ever going to be warm again.

~perfect segway to the theme of today's post~

Faux fur coats are warm. 

Barbour coats are not.

I need a faux fur coat.

ASOS Faux Fur Coat in Leopard | Forever 21 Faux Fur CoatH&M Faux Fur Coat | Kensie Teddy Bear Notch Collar Faux Fur Coat | Louise Paris Short Faux Fur CoatTopshop Faux Fur Coat

Three general categories of faux fur jackets really appeal to me. The first, leopard print.

Because of course.

The tricky thing is, leopard print coats can look really trashy really easily. You have to pay strict attention to material, size of the print, and the cut of the coat. I have seen this H&M faux fur coat in person, and I love the print and the material, but I really like the idea of a collar paired with anything faux fur. So, this ASOS leopard coat fits more in line with my vision, but seeing it in person is a whole other situation.

So much effort to look so extra.

The second faux fur category is PINK. Light pink, to be specific, literally millennial pink. I am OBSESSED with this Topshop version. OBSESSED. It's boujee af, let's be real. I like how it's cropped and big and soooo ridiculous. 

This coat is my goal.

I also love the Forever 21 faux fur pink coat - it's a little bit cozier and a little bit longer. For cost effective faux fur items, F21, Target, and H&M have a killer selection.

My last category is more broad - whiteish, tannish, creamish faux fur jackets. Exhibit A is this short coat from Louise Paris. It's v similar to my Topshop fave. Exhibit B is a little bit more of a stretch, but I had to include it because I love it so much. It's a Kensie Teddy Bear Faux Fur Coat. It's SO COZY but so luxurious. It's essentially the Snuggle Bear in clothing form.

I have also included a ton of different options in the widget below - check them out!

The Most Stylish Carry-On Luggage

The Most Stylish Carry-On Luggage

Now that the holiday season is here, traveling to see family members is in full swing. Whether you're driving or flying to different destinations, proper luggage is important. While I would so much rather check my luggage if I'm flying (for the sole purpose of being able to take a larger bag and overpack more than I already do), carry-ons are essential. There's no wait time after you land, your bags are literally in the compartment right above you, and there's basically no risk of losing your luggage. 

While I am not flying to CT, I am instead driving and am going to be filling my little Mini Cooper with suitcases. I am gone for 9 days - I need outfit options! My car is actually baby size, and in lieu of having one or two large suitcases for the vacation, I love using a few carry-ons. It definitely helps me stay organized, since certain items go in certain bags.

For carry-ons, I like to separate them into two categories: hard case and oversize tote bags. Most recently, I have used an Olympia carry-on that came in a three piece set. I love it, and the hardcase options above are very similar. I think the Herschel pink carry-on is so cute, and it's also very similar to the Calpak Ambeur.

Pink suitcases, especially millennial pink, are ideal.

I have a hot pink carry-on from C. Wonder (RIP), and though it's super banged up (it survived all of high school and college), the color still makes me happy.

I actually saw the Vera Bradley Hardside Spinner Luggage in person and the print is adorable. While I do love everything black, it's so boring to have the same boring, black suitcase as everyone else in the airport.

If you are going to have a black suitcase, however, I love the marble design on this Calpak. It's just a little different.

Looove black weekender bags though, aka this Kate Spade bag. You would get a ton of use out of it.

I also think this pink Longchamp Expandable Bag is perfect for traveling. It comes in a lot of other colors, too, but the pink is just fun. Can y'all tell I'm in a colorful mood lately?

Shop the rest of my picks below!

My Weekly Outfits: 11/6-11/12

My Weekly Outfits: 11/6-11/12

What a weekend. I am very tired and very excited to go to bed tonight. My best friend visited me this weekend, and while we actually didn't stay up late or stay really busy, I am still so exhausted! 

Only four more days until I go home for Thanksgiving. So close! 

This week was actually really chilly, and this weekend was frigid. Time to break out the real fall outfits!

Some highlights below:
1. My favorite over-the-knee boots (the Slayer and Norri) are both on sale. 
2. This super cute French Connection turtleneck dress is also on sale at Nordstrom.
3. Target needs to be added to y'all shopping rotations. This adorable and super soft leopard print sweater is currently on sale, and I picked up this bright red turtleneck for only $15! Unreal.

Grey Sweater Dress (similar) | Steve Madden Norri Boots

J.McLaughlin Cable Knit Turtleneck (similar) | Steve Madden Slayer BootsZella High Waist Leggings

J. Crew Plaid Shirt | J. McLaughlin Knit Poncho (similar) | Tory Burch Riding Boots (similar) | Zella High Waist Leggings

Have a great night, everyone! Time for me to clean my apartment and meal-prep for the next four days (#adulting). 

Shop my outfits below!

What To Wear: Thanksgiving

What To Wear: Thanksgiving

It's Friiiiday! Cue the Rebecca Black music. I have a busy weekend, since my best friend since I was 13 is coming to CLT to visit me. Weeee! It is the fourth weekend in a row that I have had guests in my new city, and I am exhausted.

There are 13 more days until Thanksgiving, and as I said in yesterday's post, seven more days until I head home for eight lovely days. My brother's girlfriend will be staying with us, as well as my grandmother. This is probably the most people we've had with us at Thanksgiving probably ever (we're a mixture of low key and antisocial), so I'm anticipating activities, moving around, and having to actually wear something other than leggings and a Shep shirt.

I'm currently going through my closet to decide what I'm bringing with me on my trip back to the Northeast, and as I'm an extremely indecisive packer, I will probably bring my entire fall wardrobe. 

Thank God I'm driving and can pack as much as I want!

Let's start with dresses. I haven't seen this Madewell sweater dress in person, but I think it would look great with over the knee boots and tights. It's also currently on *sale* and it comes in two colors - camel and grey. Sign me up. 

Sticking with the sweater dress theme, I love this belted dress from Club Monaco. It's definitely on the pricier side, but Club Monaco has the best clothes for fall and winter. They have a store in Greenwich, CT that I just love. Yes, I just wander around and never buy anything, but a girl can dream. 

Of course y'all have seen this cable knit sweater dress from Treasure & Bond at Nordstrom. It's everywhere on Insta, and for good reason. It comes in navy and cream (I'll take both), and would look great with a plaid scarf and tan heeled over-the-knee boots.

I was wandering around Target yesterday and I found this burgandy lace top. I will say it's cuter in person, and would be perfect with a pair of black jeans and booties. Plus, it's under $30! They only had an XXL in store, so as soon as I got home I ordered it.

What are y'all planning on wearing for Thanksgiving? Let me know!

Shop the rest of my holiday picks below!


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