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style + may favorites

Guys! After years of a bleak yet chic monochromatic wardrobe, I am finally craving color. Who'da thunk. 

I'm going through a lot of life changes (updates to come soon when things are finalized), and I recently did a major purge of my closet. I realized that I literally have workout clothes, work clothes, and some going out tops. That's it. I am slowly but surely trying to restock the "casual" part of my wardrobe, and am opting for mostly colorful, bright options. 

I've also been watching a lot of Southern Charm and Cameran is definitely making me miss my Lilly Pulitzer days. No shame. 

So, here's a little wishlist / favorites list of what I have my eye on this month. TBH can't believe it's already the middle of May considering it feels like Cinco de Mayo was yesterday. 

I've been really into the whole skort thing lately. Great for daytime, great for going out. I tried on the Marii Skort from Lilly Pulitzer last week, and unfortunately they didn't have my size in store, but I am obsessed. I would honestly wear this skirt with a silk cami to a bar, as well as for regular daytime activities. It has pineapples on it. Come on. 

Speaking of pineapples, check out this iPhone case. Unreal.

Skort #2 that I love is this palm print number by Show Me Your Mumu. Love love love. I'm still really into the whole palm print trend, it's so happy and tropical and can be easily paired with black or white. I like the print in a skort, versus a dress or romper, because it's not too loud but still adds a little fun to your outfit. This particular skort is a little pricey, but I found a cheaper version from Missguided that is fairly similar. 

I'm fairly stocked up on shoes after last summer's binge on every block heel, wedge, and sandal available, but I cannot pass up how ridiculous these sandals are. Pom poms! Y'all! Adorable!

I still live with my parents (lol), which means I have to hear how much they hate when I wear rompers every single time I wear a romper. Regardless of what they say, I love rompers and will continue to wear them as long as I can fit into them. I've been eyeing this J.O.A romper from Lulu's and am absolutely obsessed with this Lilly wrap romper. I definitely lean towards wrap dresses/rompers because they're just so flattering and make everyone look skinny. 

I ordered this choker from Nordstrom on Saturday and can't wait to see what it looks like in person. I found it whilst stalking one of my favorite bloggers instagram, and I feel like it's a great alternative to the basic black choker. The gold is great for summer and isn't quite as dark edgy, which is the look I've been aiming for! And of course, based on my last post, I just had to include a pair of fringe earrings. I went shopping with my mom to this little boutique in my town that has fairly inexpensive jewelry that's so cute. I picked up a pair of pink fringe earrings and blue bauble drops, both almost hitting my shoulders. CANNOT wait to wear them. 

This off the shoulder top just came back in stock in my size, hallelujah. I definitely don't need another eyelet top (they're pretty much the only tops I have for spring and summer), but how cute???

Shoutout to Vineyard Vines for these leggings. Y'all I am so serious, they are amazing. Kind of random to fall in love with performance wear from VV, but I fell hard. The color is so great and I honestly like them better than my Lulu compression leggings. They're super comfortable, like an unreal level of comfortable. I described them to my friend as "naked leggings," like it doesn't really feel like you're wearing anything. That's how lightweight they are. And although the athleisure trend has taken over, I actually wore these leggings to actually workout, and they held up quite nicely. 10/10 would recommend. 

What do y'all have your eye on for summer? 

style + statement earrings for spring

I am really, really boring with my jewelry choices. Like, a typical look for me is usually a pair of oversize gold hoops or diamond studs. That's really it. I'm a pretty bold dresser, so I am unsure as to why I'm the complete opposite of terms of jewelry. 

SO. GOALS. Pump it up a little. 

And when I mean a little, I mean ridiculous and colorful statement earrings.

With statement earrings, I group the options into a few categories: fringe tassels, gemstones, beaded, and outrageous. For example, this would be in the gemstone category, this in the beaded, and this in the outrageous.

My top three favorites are the BaubleBar Gabriela Fringe Drops, Kate Spade Pretty Pom Tassel  Earrings, and the Shashi Zoe Earrings. The Gabriela Earrings come in more than one color, but the pink is just to die for. I've been so basic with colors lately (aka only wearing black) that a pop of color might be just what I need to not look depressing.

beauty + how to get bedhead waves

For something that appears to be so effortless, getting bedhead, undone, relaxed waves actually takes a lot of effort. Every model ever claims to just be able to put their hair in a bun when it's wet at night, and wake up in the morning with perfectly tousled waves. I'm calling BS. I cannot go to bed looking like a mix between Miley Cyrus and Princess Leia and wake up looking like Gisele. Instead, I look like a maniac.

I much prefer to take way more time than necessary.

Usually, I start with washing my hair and applying heat protectant and styling product. My favorite is a mix of Pantene Pro-V Heat Protection Spray and Oribe Smooth Style Serum.

Next, I'll blow dry my hair straight with THE BEST round brush that I just picked up at Ulta. When I reach the top section, I make sure to flip my hair back and forth so I don't have a distinct part. I've been really toying with a close to middle part lately (a big change from my usual deep side part flip), so I like to have the option to change from a side part to middle part.

I have a lot of hair, but it's only shoulder length, so blow drying it doesn't take too long. Once it's dry, I'll section it off and begin curling. Right now I'm using a 1" Conair Curling Iron, but sometimes I use a flatiron and when it's longer I like the Hot Tools 1 1/4" Curling Iron. Really it's just personal preference.

I've found that using a flatiron is great if you just want a slight bend to your hair. I'll take a small section of hair and then, starting close to the root, drag the flatiron down in an S shape. These posts here and here from the Beauty Department are great if you want a visual for the S shape.

With a curling iron, I like to start mid-shaft, then curl alternating toward and away from your face. SECRET WEAPON: Drag the curl out. Thank you to the Beauty Department for this little trick. It gives your hair the edgy vibe instead of regular curls. A lot of people like to leave out their ends, which works too, but I prefer the drag.

I have a lot of hair, so no matter what method I use I always section my hair to be more manageable. Start at the bottom, end with the top section closest to my face.

After I'm done with the heat styling, I like to use a couple of different products. Prêt a Powder from Bumble and Bumble is great if you want the "fuzzy" vibe. Just tap it on your roots and then kind of rough up where you applied it. My all time favorite bedhead hair product is Oribe's Dry Texturizing Spray (no shock there, considering it's all anyone can talk about). A little goes a long way but it smells heavenly and DOES THE TRICK.

I have watched many a YouTube video about messy hair and am very particular about how I like it to look. My favorite how-to videos for bedhead waves can be found herehere, and here.

Any products / tips / tricks I should know about?


beauty + my new favorite inexpensive skincare brand

Okay. Officially obsessed with Formula 10.0.6. No, this is not an ad. 

Whenever I go to Ulta to pick up one item, I end up leaving with upwards of 5. Self control is obviously not my strong suit. I have gone through my sheet face masks fairly quickly, and now I'm onto finding my new skincare obsession. 

Introducing Formula 10.0.6. It's an affordable skin care brand sold exclusively at Ulta. Having gone through a complete branding relaunch in 2009, 10.0.6 is now identifiably bright and bold. Like how cute is the packaging? Every product has its own color, which I absolutely love

I first tried Get Your Glow On, which (as shown above) is a "Skin Brightening Peel Mask" with Papaya and Citrus. I have normal skin that's on the drier side, with very little breakouts, so I don't mind trying different products (without fear that they'll wreak havoc on my skin). This product promises to boost radiance, which is always something I look for in a mask. I much prefer brightening skincare products!

I love peel masks, especially for brightening or detoxifying, because I honestly feel like they remove everything bad from your skin. I apply a thin layer of the mask (which really is just a gel) all over my face, and wait 20-30 minutes before peeling off. You're really only supposed to have it on for a few minutes, but I like to let it really soak in. 

Added bonus: 10.0.6 products smell so good. 

Recently I bought the Be Berry Clear Illuminating Peel Mask (another brightening product) and One Smooth Operator Pore Clearing Face Scrub. I have been in need of a good exfoliant (besides my Clarisonic), and I like ones that are on the grittier side. This product has zinc, oats, and pumice to draw out impurities and prep your skin so you have a nice, smooth base. 

Another added bonus of Formula 10.0.6. is that they're so cheap. $7 for each product! And, last time I went to Ulta, there was a buy one, get one 50% special for their products, further instigating my Ulta shopping addiction.

Have y'all used 10.0.6 before? What is the next skincare product I should try?

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