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what to wear + holiday office party

It's office holiday party time. While I'm 99% sure my own office doesn't have a party, I've been helping my friends out with what to wear to their own. 

The goal is to stay appropriate, while still wearing something different than you would actually wear to work. 

Here are some of my favorite options for a work Christmas party.

Tuckernuck Peplum Top I've been loving Tuckernuck lately. Definitely for the kids at the preppy table. I think this black peplum top is so chic, especially with huge tassel earrings (Baublebar has them in literally every color). Pair with black leather skinny pants!

J. Crew Plaid Bow-Shoulder Top With black skinny pants? Yes. Great for a messy bun and red lipstick, which leads me to...

Red Lipstick I prefer the Kylie Lip Kit in Mary Jo K, but this Urban Decay Vice Lipstick (shown above) is perfect for the holiday season. 

Madewell Velvet Slip Dress Velvet is always good for a holiday party. I am actually wearing a velvet dress to my family's party I've been talking about for weeks! This Madewell version is great to dress up or down, and you'll definitely wear it beyond your office Christmas party.

Club Monaco Jumpsuit For the tall girls. I have been obsessed with Club Monaco lately, and I actually tried this jumpsuit on to see how much I like it. Unfortunately, it's better suited for girls 5'7 and taller (my 5'5 frame was drowned), but SUCH a great pick for a year round jumpsuit. 

J. Crew Lace Pencil Skirt My mother is actually wearing this to an office party, with a tartan shirt and pearls. Perfect.

Kendall + Kylie Knotted LBD Honestly really liked Kendall + Kylie's clothing line. I have a dress that's similar to this that I wear to work all the time, but I like this particular dress because of the slit. It's also knee length, which makes it a little less questionable.

Jeffrey Campbell Ankle-Strap Sandals Sandals in December? You're going to be inside, so whatever. These are thick strapped and just amazing in general.

What are y'all wearing to your office holiday party?

beauty + the blunt cut

We're totally in the time of year where I get super bored with my hair and want to just chop it all off. 

Two years ago in January I made my millionth "big chop," but since then I've been growing it out. It is currently the longest I've ever had it since 7th grade (so almost 10 years), and don't get me wrong, I like it a lot, I just get so bored, so easily. 

So, I've been looking at blunt bob/lob pictures on Pinterest.

I do not like layers. At all. I have too much hair to completely forgo all layers, which is a shame, but the dream would to have a blunt cut. 

More realistically for me, I would have a blunt cut at the ends, with invisible layers throughout to lighten the load. 

The important thing with a blunt cut is to use the correct products so it doesn't triangle out or become a "mom bob." This is a nod to the post I wrote last year, "Beauty + The Cool Girl Bob." Product is everything with a short cut. You want your hair to be thick and messy, but still manageable and definitely not crunchy. 

I love the Oribe Thick Dry Finishing Spray, and obviously the best texturizing product of all time, the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spay. Bumble and Bumble's Un-Dressing Creme was a favorite when I was figuring out how to work with my ultra-short cut a couple of years ago, and a good curling iron to strategically wave out your hair works wonders. 

I've been stalking Anh Co Tran and Kristin Ess' instagrams lately to see if I become particularly inspired. Just makes me want to have an in-house hairstylist. 

Unfortunately for me, whenever I cut my hair, I immediately become focused on growing it out again, and never fully enjoy having it being short and swingy and so easy to manage. Will I actually let temptation take over and cut my hair? We shall see. I'm starting a new job in January so it may be time for new job, new year, new haircut! 

beauty + my new fave foundation

Fairly certain every woman is constantly on the hunt for the perfect foundation. 

I myself am a crazy person and have tried five different kinds since August. 

Honestly no shame though, foundation is so tricky. You never know how the color is going to change throughout the day (thanks oxidation), and each person's skin reacts differently to each different formula. 

I did my research with this product. I watched YouTube videos, stalked Instagram posts, and read  the comments section on Sephora. I was deciding between this foundation and Born This Way by Too Faced, and after hounding a consultant at Sephora, I chose the Ultra HD Foundation. 

The question that the woman at Sephora asked me that really was the deciding factor was, "Are you in a lot of photos?" Considering I'm a 22 year old ex-sorority girl lifestyle blogger, yes.

I recently just took my family Christmas card picture, and I wore this foundation...absolutely unreal how untraceable this product is. It's a tiny bit darker than my skin tone, but blends very well so it's not very noticeable. But, there are like 40 different color choices so it's fairly easy to find one that matches your skin. When I was buying it, I was in a rush, carrying two bags that collectively weigh more than I do, and wearing heels that killed my feet, so I just wanted to get in and out of Sephora as quick as I could.

For daytime, I wear a thin layer to even out my skintone. If I'm going out, I layer it a little bit more. It's medium-coverage, but it doesn't feel heavy in the slightest. One pump of it is enough to have a light layer, which is perfect.

For the time being, this is my new favorite foundation. I change my mind every other week about what products I like and use consistently, so stay tuned if I decide to actually buy the Too Faced foundation as an extra option. 

Happy Thursday! It's been INSANE at work this week and honestly I just want to stay home and chill this weekend, but one of my best friends from college is visiting on Friday so I'm staying in the city this weekend. I get out of work in two weeks so I'll get to relax then! 

style + holiday sleepwear

I will take any chance I can to wear a pajama set, especially if it's holiday themed. While I will gladly wear plaid pajamas on any given day, this is the time of year that they're more widely accepted as being seasonally appropriate.

Sidenote: although it may seem like I only like black and cheetah print, as all signs point to that if you've been reading my blog consistently, I do love all plaids and tartans.

Festive sleepwear is ideal for the holiday season. Over the past few years, I've worn different themed pajama sets on Christmas morning. I usually go for J. Crew solid sets (like this navy option) or Victoria's secret silk pj's (the best in my opinion), but this year I'm opting for this J. Crew black watch pair.

Goals: find a dark red pajama set (here's looking at you, Victoria's Secret) and a short sleeve / short pair (OBSESSED with this Madewell option). It's probably a crime to show my bare legs considering how deathly pale they are right now (I am this close to getting a spray tan every other week from now until summer), but those pj's look so comfortable and log cabin-chic.

I recently switched out my basic white monogrammed bathrobe for a tartan version (honestly will probably keep it after the holiday season because of how warm and comfortable it is), so I thought I'd include some robe options in this post as well. TBH the Betsy Johnson sweater robe looks like it could be passable as a wrap sweater if paired with leggings and boots. 

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