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beauty + my all-time fave shampoo

Hello lovelies. Happy Thursday. One more day until I can go home and sleep until Monday morning. 

Let's talk about my favorite shampoo in the entire world.

I have never consistently used a shampoo, probably ever, until this shampoo.

I'm a huge fan of the OGX brand; pretty much everything I've ever used from them, I've really liked. I think their packaging is great, the color coordinated options are very helpful, plus the products actually practice what they preach.

I will also never be one of those girls who washes their hair once or twice a week. I know it's the trendy thing to do right now but I literally cannot. Dry shampoo does nothing for me, and I work out 5-6 days a week; I can go 2 days without washing my hair, three if I'm not exercising. I love having freshly washed and blowdried hair; second-day hair is not a good look for me. So, I like to have a shampoo that has some sort of benefit for my hair.

I've tried a wide variety of the OGX shampoos, but none have been as great for my hair as the Biotin + Collagen shampoo. The first thing that caught my eye was that it literally has "biotin" in the name. As y'all know, I've been trying to grow my hair out for years, so anything that uses the word "biotin" I'm immediately down for.

The second thing I noticed about this shampoo is that it promises "thick and full hair." When I used to bleach the ish out of my hair (tbt to when I was platinum blonde), I would use anything to make my hair thicker. It was breaking like crazy, and being super super blonde took its toll by basically ruining my once extremely thick and healthy hair. I've been using this shampoo since I went back to my natural color, and the combination of no more highlighting and this shampoo has made the ultimate difference. 

What shampoo is y'alls favorite? Let me know so if I ever get bored of my current one, I have some options!

Have a great day!

style + the sweater dress

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight

Currently on the hunt for the perfect sweater dress.

Not too tight, but not too shapeless. Short. Preferably including a turtleneck. 

I am mentally preparing my outfits for Wake Forest Homecoming (t-minus 36 days, but who's counting), and I would really like it if a turtleneck sweater dress was included. With over the knee boots. How cute would that be?

Right now, as shown in the product collage above, my personal favorite is a black dress from Shopbop. It seems to hit all my criteria! I also love number five; the cable knit is great. I prefer to stick with more neutral colors to get the whole Ralph Lauren vibe; think olive green, grey, and black. 

Sweater dresses are perfect with over the knee boots, tights and flats, booties, riding boots, even block heels. They're ideal transition pieces because you can wear them now sans tights, but when it gets colder, throw on a pair of opaque black tights and a wrap coat and you're all gucci. Also, if you opt for a less form-fitting dress, you can always belt it if it feels too sack-like (I'm looking at you, number four.

Happy Tuesday! 

health + the detox tea

Let's get TMI.

I am convinced I have some kind of food allergy, considering I get sick after every other meal with no rhyme or reason. I refuse to WebMD my symptoms because I don't want to read how I have cancer and/or approaching death, so I've taken matters into my own hands. 

In an effort to ease my stomach, I drink my own little detox tea concoction. 

I am a huge fan of tea. I don't drink/like coffee at all, so I prefer to have something that actually benefits my body. My new favorite tea is Lemon Ginger and it's amazing. I could eat straight ginger and be completely happy. It's so good for stomach health, and I really like the little kick it gives a regular cup of tea. 

But, that's not all. I add two others little special items to my tea to really pump up regular tea and make it detox tea. 

The first item is a slice of lemon. Super simple. It's great for your digestion, cleanses your liver, aids metabolism, as well as helps post-workout recovery and revitalizes your skin. Squeezing in some lemon juice in so good.

The second thing I add to the tea is a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. It takes some time to get used to the taste and smell of it (not that it's bad, just very strong), but it's honestly worth it! Apple cider vinegar reduces bloating (my greatest enemy), controls your blood sugar, aids digestion, and makes you feel fuller longer. 

This tea is amazing and wonderful and has made such a difference. Do y'all have any detox teas that you make regularly? Give me some more ideas!

Happy Sunday!

style + the suede jacket

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Seriously, a crazy amount of apologies for not posting. It's been more than a week! Like what!?! Honestly though, most draining week of my life so I'm ready to get back into the groove of things.

AKA I'm spending this weekend at home and am writing as many posts as I possibly can in 2 days. 

Let's jump into it.

The past couple of days have actually felt like the start of fall! I'm very happy about this. Besides being completely over the ridiculous sauna known as Summer 2016, I just want to wear fall clothes. I want ripped jeans and over the knee boots and essentially everything I put in my fall preview post. 

It's actually pretty chilly in the mornings and at night (confusing because it's tricky to figure out what to wear when there is a wide temperature range each day), and I've been wearing my new leather jacket almost every day now. Suede and leather jackets are the perfect transition pieces, and can take you from work to drinks after work to hanging out on the weekend. 

I love the ASOS suede jacket (shown above, number two), and I've been a huge fan of the BLANK NYC jacket since the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale over the summer. It also comes in a few different colors, if you're opposed to the classic tan suede. BLANK NYC also has a burgundy suede bomber that is so cool.

You can find a nice suede jacket for a relatively inexpensive price (at ASOS, Nordstrom), but you can also go the investment piece route (at Shopbop and Madewell). If you want to go full on street-style fashion blogger, there's the Madewell fringe suede jacket. I personally would look absurd wearing it, but I know there are some fringe-lovers out there that could rock it.

Happy Saturday! I'm actually very, very happy to take a break from city life and stay home for a weekend. I know I'm commuting in, so technically yes I do live in CT still, but I really only work out/sleep/get ready here! Every weekend is spent with friends in the city! Very excited to have a 2 day detox to reset my body/mental health/schedule. 

Also, if y'all have any post requests, comment below! I'd love to hear them!

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