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How I Organize My Makeup

How I Organize My Makeup

Let's have a moment of appreciation for Ikea. 

Basically my entire apartment is furnished by Ikea. There are so many clever hacks to "upgrade" their furniture (more to come on this subject), and there are so many ways to use each item.

For example, this bar cart.

For your kitchen, right?

Ha ha ha. Instad, I'm using it as a makeup cart. 

My friends have given me so much crap for literally having a rolling cart to carry around my makeup, but it is honestly the best way for me to keep my products organized. 

I use the IKEA Raskog Cart in black. It is triple tiered, and each shelf serves a different purpose.   The top shelf is for my every day makeup and favorite items. This includes brushes, eyeshadow palettes, mascara, bronzer, etc. I use an acrylic makeup organizer from Homegoods to keep everything in its proper place. 

The other two shelves hold my skincare products, face makeup, eyeshadow palettes, lip products, and nail products. The IKEA Variera Box is the perfect size to have 2 per shelf. Also, they're literally $6 each. Can't beat that.

My bathroom is pretty spacious, and while I do have shelves, those are occupied by literally everything else. Plus, if I'm looking for really good light, I'll just wheel my cart out to the living room  to be near a window. 

Shop my makeup faves below!
And shop this post below!
My New Go-To Skincare Regimen

My New Go-To Skincare Regimen

Skincare is tough. Even when I feel like I've found a brand that I love, that works, and that is actually benefiting my skin, I still find myself looking for the next best thing. My entire life I was always more of a "makeup girl" than "skincare girl," and it wasn't until around a year ago where I really started paying attention to the ingredients in the products I was using and focused more on healthy skincare. 

Growing up, I would use the basic Neutrogena cleansers (shoutout to the Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub) and pretty much exclusively used Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream. Around my freshman year of college, my skin became more problematic and I started to use Proactive. That ish is amazing and my skin instantly cleared up. Since then, my only skin issue is occasional dryness - I really can't complain.

I love my skin masks and peels and scrubs, but despite all the fancy and trendy add-on's, a basic and beneficial daily skincare regimen is so necessary. I have used Beautycounter since the end of 2016, and I still use their Charcoal Cleansing Bar and a couple drops of the Soothing Face Oil (which they have since discontinued, sad Hannah) every day with my moisturizer. 

Don't get me wrong, I still love Beautycounter. But once I ran out of the cleanser and day moisturizer, I wasn't really in a rush to reorder. I have beauty product ADD - once I finish something and I'm not completely obsessed, then I look for something new to try.

Well, I was in luck, because once I was on the hunt for a new daily regimen, I found a new skincare line. Meet Targeted Skin.

Targeted Skin is an up and coming skincare brand that literally has one of the coolest concepts I've heard in a while. Basically, it's centered around the idea (and scientific proof) that your DNA is the key to how you age and how your skin looks. The products are preventative, as well as work to combat daily environmental factors.

The process was fairly simple. You can order individual products from their website (cleansers, moisturizers, toners, serums, eye products, etc.) or you can do what they recommend, which is to get your DNA tested and purchase a three-product or five-product kit. The three product kit includes a cleanser, day moisturizer, and serum, while the five product has an additional night cream and scrub/toner (depending on your DNA results). I got a five product kit.

When you order, you first receive a DNA swab kit so you can actually get a sample for the lab. It's basically two q-tips and a questionnaire, and you just do a quick little cheek swab. Then, I sent it back to their corporate office, where they proceeded to test my DNA and determine what my individual risk factors were. 

When the DNA-testing process is complete, I was sent an email with your personalized DNA report, and a couple days later I received my product and a printed version of the report, as well. 

I consider myself pretty well-versed in my own body's needs, risks, and issues, so I wasn't surprised by my results. 

My DNA was tested for a variety of factors, mainly my risk for firmness/elasticity, sun spotting and pigmentation, free radical damage, sensitivity, and glycation. I was told if I was at a low, medium, or high risk for these factors. 

So, my results said that I was at low risk for every factor...except sun spotting and pigmentation. SHOCKING. Considering my obsession with freckles and a healthy summer glow, I was not at all surprised. I love being in the sun, and while I do always wear SPF, I have always had freckles and there's a history of sun damage in my family. But, it was super helpful to know that my risk for other things, like wrinkles and sensitivity, was low. 

There are three Targeted Skin product lines - Balancing, Brightening, and Reviving. Based on your results, you could get all three/five products from one line, or they could be mixed and matched from all the lines. Personally, I received all of the Brightening products, which included a Brightening Citrus Cleanser, Brightening Day Moisturizer, Radiate Serum, Brightening Scrub, and Brightening Night Cream. I was secretly hoping I would get some brightening products, since the fresh-faced and glowy look is my absolute favorite.

I use the Brightening Citrus Cleanser every morning and night, and I have to say, I really like this product. The ingredients work as hydrating exfoliators and natural skin brighteners, and I definitely feel refreshed after using it. Also, it's an amazing eye makeup remover! Usually I go through makeup wipes like it's my job, but this cleanser gets most of my mascara off with just one wash. Huge bonus.

The Brightening Scrub is recommended as the next step after your cleanser, but I only really use it once or twice a week. It really works, and since I have a spray tan most of the time, I try to only use this scrub as an exfoliant to get rid of any trace of a previous faux tan. 

Next up in the regimen is the Radiate Serum. Obviously it's meant to brighten skin. It's recommended that you use it twice a day, but I typically only use it in the morning; I use the Vitamin-A Serum at night. 

As I said previously, my skin is on the drier side if anything. I really like to load up on moisturizers and creams morning and night. After applying serum, I use the Brightening Day Moisturizer in the morning, and the Brightening Night Cream (wait for it) at night! The Day Moisturizer has Vitamin C and works to alleviate any pigmentation issues. The Night cream is really thick, and I typically only use one pump each night. Its purpose is to aid your skin's natural renewal process and I can honestly say it's super hydrating!

Since I have a low risk for most of the other factors, I luckily have the ability to try their other products without worrying that they'll adversely affect my skin. Besides the Brightening line, I have the Reviving Mint Cleanser (LOVE), the Vitamin-A Serum, Prevent Serum, and Natural SPF 30 Sunscreen. The Mint Cleanser works to aid firmness and elasticity, and the Prevent Serum can be used to help free radical and sun spotting damage, as well as firmness. 

I friggin' love the Vitamin-A Serum. If you were to buy any serum, this is my personal favorite. It's a non-prescription retinaldehyde that really works against aging. Obviously I'm 23 and anti-aging isn't really at the top of my to-do list, but I just love how it makes my skin look! 

I will say that there are a couple things to know about the ordering process that might be a little off putting. One is definitely the price. As the typical struggling post-grad basic girl in her first apartment, spending a ton of money on beauty products is questionable. A three product regimen (with DNA test) is $249, and the five product regimen is $349.  But, I really do value skincare and the products seem to really work, so I'll put the price on the backburner. 

Secondly, it does take a couple of weeks from the time you order to when you actually receive the products and DNA report. It makes sense, considering you have to get the DNA swab, send in the swab, the DNA has to be run in the lab, then it has to be packed out and sent out. In a world where everything is based on instant gratification (I'm looking at you, Amazon Prime), it's a little different to wait two weeks to get any type of product after ordering. 

Another note - these products include really high levels of active ingredients. Since my skin isn't very sensitive (thanks DNA report), I didn't experience any negative reactions when I started using the five product regimen. I also didn't follow the recommended "try one product and continuously add on more once your skin has become accustomed to it" philosophy. Oops. If you do have sensitive skin, definitely take it slow with trying the products. While the ingredients are great, they're really, really potent!

I do want to try the Luminous Eye Cream next - the skin around my eyes (without concealer) tends to be pretty discolored so the idea of a brightening undereye cream is pretty alluring!

Have y'all heard of Targeted Skin? I'm honestly super happy with the results and have stopped even wearing BB cream since using the regimen!

Update 9/19: There is currently a sale happening at Targeted Skin! 3 Product Test + Kit is now $99 and 5 Product Test + Kit is $199 - so $150 off. Okay. Check it out now!!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Packing for Homecoming

Packing for Homecoming

Later today I'm heading to the glorious city of Winston-Salem, North Carolina to attend my alma mater's homecoming. It's no secret that I went to Wake Forest University, and even though I'm more than 1 year graduated, I still feel FOMO around freshman orientation and sorority rush.

Homecoming is pretty ridiculously early this year. Last year, I had all fall to prepare (aka, lose that senior spring weight), and it was a nice thing to look forward to after graduation. I still mostly hang out with my college friends on the weekends, and I keep in touch with a lot of different people. But, it's still nice to go back and actually be on campus with everyone!

Since my class is not freshly graduated, no one really cares about seeing us. I planned for weeks about what I was going to wear last year, and this year I literally just threw a bunch of clothes that I like in a suitcase and hoped for the best.

The only outfit I truly have planned out is what I'm going to wear to the tailgate and football game on Saturday. I ordered this Lilly Pulitzer Tiki Wrap Romper from their After Party Sale a couple weeks ago, and I cannot wait to wear it. It was actually the only thing I ordered from the sale, and I had my eye on it for months. 

This is literally the last weekend that it will be seasonally appropriate to wear this romper, so I'm taking advantage of the opportunity. 

So I need an outfit tonight, Friday day, Friday night, and Sunday. Obviously that means I pack 8 other outfit options, right?

Right now, I can mix and match with a ton of different options.

I'm packing two pair of white jeans, one pair of blue jeans, and one denim skirt...because of course. One pair of white jeans is distressedthe other is not.

Moment of silence for the fact I'm taking three black tank tops.

No I'm not kidding.

It's borderline ridiculous but I'm really thinking it's going to be an "in the moment" decision when I pick out my outfits.

To put things in perspective, last year's homecoming I literally brought four pair of black boots (two booties, two over the knee boots, I'm sorry. So, this really isn't out of the ordinary for me.

 Moving on. Top-wise, I'm packing this choker swing tank from Lush (snaps for Nordstrom Anniversary finds), my favorite cotton cami from Urban Outfitters (which isn't available anymore), and my go-to black cami that I literally wear three times a week. I'm also bringing two printed tops: one from Lilly Pulitzer (unavailable, sorry y'all) and one from a local boutique (off the shoulder, high low, v trendy for me).

So, I've got the Lilly romper for the football game, and I'm also bringing two other rompers for going out. Thursday night I will probably wear the Mimosas and Macaroons Romper from Vestique (a cute boutique in Charlotte). I've worn it a ton this summer, and I feel like this is a last hurrah weekend for summer clothes. Lastly, I have a romper from Lulu's that I bought like last December for my New Year's Eve outfit...every other year at Wake, there's a big event called President's Ball during homecoming. It's happening on Friday night, and while my friends and I haven't decided yet if we're actually going, I am planning ahead and have packed an outfit option.

For shoes, I'm bringing my daily Jack Rogers Hamptons Classic Sandals in gold, as well as my favorite chunky suede wedges (here is a similar pair). I'm still deciding on another pair, and will probably throw another pair of shoes in my car right before I leave. 

I've packed everything in my trusty Olympia suitcase, which has become my go-to carry-on in the past year. I'm driving to Wake from Char (only an hour and fifteen minutes, essentially the same as driving from CT to NYC), so I don't really have a bag limit. I'm trying not to completely overpack, and I actually managed to get my shoes + clothes + hair/makeup + other items (jewelry, purse) in my suitcase.

I'm very proud.

I'm bringing my camera this weekend so lots of pictures will be taken. My goal is to actually buy some Wake t-shirts, since I don't actually have a non-sorority shirt from my four years in college. How depressing is that? 

Almost as depressing as buying a Wake Forest Alumni t-shirt. I'm not looking forward to it.

Let's have a great Thursday, y'all. 

My Fave Work Desk Accessories

My Fave Work Desk Accessories

I am currently in the process of organizing and decorating my work desk. For some reason I am having a mental block on how I want it to look, and whenever I go out and about to shop for accessories, I can't find anything I like. 

I started my job the last week of June, and it's taken me until now to actually think about making my desk a little more personalized. 

This is currently my desk chair (fantastic right???) and my desk looks a lot like this. I'm super happy about the amount of space and the amount of creative liberty I have. My coworker and I are trying to get standing desks TBH, or at least a raiser for my computer and monitor. 

I never thought that I would be into the whole standing desk craze, but after sitting for the better half of 8 hours, getting the chance to move around and stretch my legs is super tempting. 

Yesterday I went to Homegoods to check out their selection of office accessories, and unfortunately the location closest to me isn't really top notch. It is, however, across the street from the SouthPark Mall in Charlotte.

Guys, this is literally the greatest mall I've ever been to.

It has everything.

In Connecticut, I lived near three slightly mediocre malls that just didn't really do the trick. Now, I'm near the Mecca of malls and I have to resist the urge to go shopping there on a weekly basis.

I actually needed to pick up a new planner, and I've had my eye on Lilly's navy and gold pineapple large agenda for a few weeks now. Stay tuned for a full post dedicated to this agenda, because WOW they've made some great improvements since the last time I had a Lilly agenda!

I think a good agenda is a staple for your desk. Although I do have everything on iCal, I like physically writing things down in my planner, too. I'm trying to stick to the gold + white + pop of color theme for my desk accessories, and this agenda is very in theme.

Currently, I have a fake aloe plant (at least I think it's fake?) on my desk, and I'm looking to get another faux plant or flower arrangement to add some color. This is on the pricier end, but I'm obsessed with these hot pink faux peonies from Wayfair. IKEA has some great faux plants and flowers too, as well as Target.

I want to put up a couple of picture frames on my desk, preferably in black or gold. The next time I go to IKEA or Target, I'm going to look at their options because I'm definitely not looking to spend a lot! My plan was to have at least 1 personal picture (probably me and my sorority sisters, let's be real), and then maybe a graphic or a framed watercolor. There is space on top of my desk, as well as a display area on the shelves underneath. Maybe I'll try both?

I already have a coffee cup that I bring to work (or tea mug, in my case, since I don't drink coffee). Definitely the easiest way to add some color and personality to an office space!

Otherwise, I'm looking for a cute pencil cup, mousepad, and mini decorative objects for my desk. I honestly have a ton of space, and right now it's only occupied by my plant, phone, and computer! Hopefully I'll find some cute items in the next few weeks. It's time to make my work desk mine!

Have a great Wednesday! If y'all know of any good places to find cute office accessories, leave a comment below.

What to Wear: Date Night in the Fall

What to Wear: Date Night in the Fall

Happy Tuesday everyone. It is currently raining buckets here in the 704, but honestly I can’t complain considering I am not in the direct path of a hurricane or tropical storm.  This weather makes me just want to curl up in bed and watch Netflix for hours on end. As much as I would like to stay in my apartment all day, it’s literally only Tuesday and I actually have work to get done!

There is a downside to making outfit roundups like this because I keep finding clothes I have to have. It’s getting bad. 

Part of this whole adulting thing is going on dates. The whole millennial way of life is not my preferred way of life, and the idea of a date just being getting drinks or “hanging out” is gag worthy to me. Where are the real men in this world? 

Another post for another day.

But, I will say, dates are nice because they’re a way to dress up and look cute outside of work and outside of going to bars. 

Okay, let's talk about this NBD skirt.

I am losing my mind.

I think midi skirts, paired with the right top and shoes, can be sexy as hell. Imagine this skirt with this bodysuit and these heels. I'M DONE.

I'm really loving Tuckernuck lately. In fact, three items from this roundup are from the site, and I keep finding more and more things I like every time I browse their women's section. First off, obviously I love the NBD skirt, so it's not a shock that I would also have my eye on the Matine Baguette Clutch. Cheetah print for days. Lastly, the Keepsake Black Celestial Top is literally so cute. I feel like it's definitely an year-round type of top.

Studies have shown guys are more attracted to girls in red, so say hello to these earrings. My best friend has them in red and they are killer.

I'm sure all of y'all have seen this dress plastered over Pinterest and Instagram lately, but it's honestly perfect for date night so here it is again. For $59, literally why not.

Lastly, since it's fall, obviously we have to have some sweaters thrown into the mix. To make an outfit more date night ~fun n flirty~, lower necklines and tie-up tops are the way to go. I saw this sweater from ASTR on Pinterest the other day, and it's currently in my shopping cart on Revolve. If you don't want to be super bold, add a lacy bralette. I actually have this sweater from BB Dakota, and I cannot wait until it gets cold enough to actually wear it!

What are y'alls go-to picks for date night?

September Beauty Favorites

September Beauty Favorites

It’s been a hot minute since I last did a roundup of my monthly beauty picks. I’m currently trying to transition my makeup, hair, and skincare products from summer to fall, as well as adding a few new products to my collection. 

I'm actually really happy with my daily hair and makeup routine, and it's essentially stayed the same for the past few months. 

I tend to keep my makeup choices consistent, but hair products are a whole different game. I am crazy tempted every time I go to CVS, Ulta, or Target. I literally have to restrain myself so I don't end up buying unnecessary items that will promise me long, strong, and shiny hair. But, I ran out of shampoo and conditioner recently so I decided that I would take that opportunity to try out some new products. 

As for the rest of my September beauty favorites, y'all will just have to read below!

I wanted to put the Beautycounter Protect All Over Sunscreen in this roundup because it was my go-to product when I was at the beach last week. It's definitely my favorite sunscreen, and have used it consistently since buying it before my trip to Naples, FL in February.

Sunscreens are hard because they either make you breakout, dry out your skin, make your skin oily, or aren’t as buildable with other face products (foundation, powders, etc.). I really like this Beautycounter version because it actually lives up to the protecting part of the name (my face hasn’t gotten burnt since using this product), and I can wear it alone or with other products. 

My mom actually gave me this brow pencil and highlighting duo from Clinique when I saw her last week. I've been looking for a new brow product, and I have to say that this really takes the cake. Recently I've been using the shade "Whiskey" from my Naked Smoky Eyeshadow Palette to fill in my eyebrows.

This Clinique duo includes a brow pencil on one end, and a highlighter on the other. I really like both ends. I have it in “Deep Brown” and it’s honestly not as crazy dark as I thought it would be. It’s very buildable, which is great because personally I don’t want to swipe on some brow product and have my face change drastically.

Also, the highlighter is bomb.

Another Clinique product that I've bene using daily is the Pretty Easy Liquid Eyelining Pen. My everyday makeup look includes a little feline flick on my upper lash line, and this liquid eyeliner is really good at ensuring the line is thin (but buildable). The color is black, but it's not the really harsh, unnatural looking black that a lot of eyeliners use. 

I use this pen on the outer part of my upper lash line, and then I add a little bit of my favorite gel liner to the outer corner and my lower lash line to connect the two.

I’ve had this product for a really long time, but for some reason it was one of the few hair products I brought with me on my move to Charlotte. 

I’m still looking for a really quality heat protectant, but currently I apply this Kérastase cream every time I blowdry my hair – so every time I wash my hair. It supposedly makes your blowout last longer, even though no matter what products I use or how I change my hairstyling process, my hair never looks as good the second day. 

So, I don’t really think it lives up to the extending part of it’s description, but that could really just be my hair. 

Otherwise, I do really like this cream. My hair looks great after I blowdry it, and it’s super smooth and shiny which is a huge plus.

If I were stuck on a desert island, the one beauty product I’d bring would 100% be mascara.

My go-to mascara for years (like actually, since I was 15 or 16) has been Bad Gal Lash by Benefit. Don’t get me wrong, I still use it daily, but it’s nice to venture out and try a new mascara or two. I like starting with Bad Gal Lash as a base (aka 3 layers, HA), then curling my eyelashes (I know this is out of order but I have a process), then applying this L’Oréal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara on top. I’ve noticed it really makes the difference. 

I’ve tried to transition some of my beauty products to be drugstore brand, and I had read some really great things about the L’Oréal mascara as an alternative to Too Faced’s Better Than Sex

They even have almost exactly the same packaging.


I actually think I like Lash Paradise better than Better Than Sex (gasp!). It’s not as clumpy, the brush is ideal for creating super thick eyelashes, it comes in waterproof, and it’s less than $10. 

TBH I really had no intentions of buying this conditioner, but I ran out of my previous one. The Renpure Biotin & Collagen Thickening Conditioner caught my eye when I was grocery shopping the other week, and I’ll pretty much buy any hair product that mentions “biotin” in the title. 

This is now my new daily conditioner, and I’m pretty happy with the results. I haven’t had a bad hair day since starting to use this product, and you definitely get your money’s worth. I think I paid $5.99 for this conditioner, and it comes in a freaking huge bottle. 

Another drugstore alternative to a lip-plumping fan favorite is the Sexy Mother Pucker Pillow Plump XXL Lip Plumping Gloss by Soap & Glory (wow that’s a mouthful). I found it at the Holy Land aka Target, and have been really happy with the results! 

I’ve never used any products from Soap & Glory in the past, but I think they’re packaging and presentation is absolutely adorable. I’ve been getting back into girlier beauty looks (black cat eye, pink lip gloss, non-bedhead curls), and I have been on the hunt for a good pink lip gloss. 

Although I don’t have thin lips, I am always looking to make them appear larger naturally. No Kylie Jenner lips over here! 

The main attraction (and added bonus for me, as I was just looking for a pretty pink color) to the Soap & Glory Lip Gloss is that it is a plumping product. 

Remember Lip Venom? The clear lip gloss that made your lips feel like they were on fire? 

Yeah, Pillow Plump is nothing like that.

There’s definitely a little tingling, but honestly I think that feels good. It also tastes like chocolate! 

Take a shot every time I say I'm trying to grow out my hair.

I'm taking every extra measure to make sure my hair grows out healthy and strong. Biotin, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, heat protectant, etc etc etc. Besides the Renpure conditioner mentioned above, my newest effort is using Viviscal Shampoo and Conditioner.

In the past, I took the Viviscal supplement, but I've been trying to save money so bye bye unnecessary hair growth pills.

I got Amazon Prime when I moved to Charlotte, and honestly the idea that I can get pretty much anything in 2 days or less is so tempting. I Prime the most useless things. But, there is an added bonus that things typically cost less on Amazon then they do in-store or on other websites.

When I took Viviscal, I could get it for $32 on Amazon, versus $40 at Ulta. WHAT!!!

So, it was a no-brainer that I would try and look for the Viviscal shampoo and conditioner on Amazon instead of any other store. I found both items for a total of $20, which I will totally take considering it takes me a super long time to actually go through a full bottle of hair product.

Thoughts on the products: I do shampoo my hair every time I get my hair wet (I have to have clean hair, I know it’s not the cool thing to do anymore but whatever), and I’m really happy with how it cleans my hair. I don’t feel like it’s drying, which is good, and my hair has looked thicker since starting to use it. As for the conditioner, I use it mixed in with the Renpure conditioner, so there’s a lot of biotin and collagen being soaked into my hair. I’ll give an update after a month or two of using the Viviscal products so I can give an accurate description of how it’s affected my hair.

What beauty items have y'all tried out recently?

Also, shameless social media plug. I just created a Facebook Page for this blog and I would really appreciate a like! Don't forget to follow my Insta, Pinterest, and Bloglovin' page as well!

Have a happy Monday!


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